There’s something quite ‘strange and wonderful’ about being a highly visible spiritual teacher for nearly three decades! And it will, interestingly, include celebrating twenty years of being at Unity of Tustin during this newsletter ‘season’. It will be happening this year on Palm Sunday. Amazing…what a gift it has been.The ‘strange and wonderful’ is a bit like being in a fish bowl. Everyone can ‘watch you’ swimming in the waters of consciousness…as you teach it, write it, practice it and live it! And I will even be the author of one of the chapters in a compilation book being published in the Spring. It’s called ‘No Mistakes’ and the ‘lead author’ is Marci Shimoff who wrote ‘Love For No Reason’. It all happened without my effort.

In the last two years, I’ve found myself even watching myself, ‘witnessing’ my own human experience, while I was living some of the most difficult experiences of my entire life. It wasn’t anything like I expected in the ‘life of a spiritual teacher’, now in my 70’s, the surprises that came unexpected. I watched myself ‘feel it’. I felt it breaking my heart open. And I also watched in the lives of some of you…people I have loved, taught, worked with…for many years. The ‘strange’ is not easy…

Simultaneously, as I’ve continued to teach in the Called By Love intensives, I have had the ‘wonderful’. It has been most profound, beyond any of my spiritual learning previously. And, it’s quite well known that I’ve been an insatiable spiritual learner for years! I’m experiencing Emergence, new Awareness, downloading…beyond what I’ve ever taught or known previously. The process has been different. There was a time when things seemed to be ‘erased’… And then it was as if my brain was being re-wired to receive. It is interesting, it transcends and includes…and often surprises me in how it integrates and also ‘directs’.

I’m beginning to see patterns upon which It is building. One of these is related to my passion for the Codes of Creation. It was part of what brought about the creation of our beautiful Unity of Tustin Meditation Gardens. Now the Codes are beyond individual transformation that is ascending. It is descending and ascending, both, simultaneously, and it is about I, We, and It. It is about our lives, our relationships and where Love is Calling us. It is about something beyond what we can do ‘solo’… We are being called into a Synergy of “where two or more are gathered” in this New Consciousness. It is the Mystical We. There are glimpses of how this is part of the Tipping Point, the Shift, Birth beyond 2012.

Recently a new book just came out by Marc Gafni. It is called ‘Your Unique Self’ and is about a radical path to personal enlightenment. I am amazed…I find in reading that it is describing some of what I am experiencing. And it is describing some of what I’m witnessing in some of you who have come to me and shared with me what is happening in your lives. I’m especially touched because you have often attended the classes I’ve taught, been so passionate, such devoted participants in the path of transformation and enlightenment…right here at Unity of Tustin.

Marc Gafni talks about the New Enlightenment of the Unique Self that is beyond the True Self of classical enlightenment. It involves awakening from the separate self, the ego, to the True Self and beyond to the Unique Self, both of which are beyond ego. It moves from doing to Being and beyond to Becoming. The Unique Self involves knowing and giving your Unique Gifts. It is that which fills your life with direction, meaning and delight.

I especially noticed the rave reviews of some of my amazing and most significant spiritual teachers, some of whom are friends and who have been to Unity of Tustin. They include Andrew Harvey, Michael Beckwith, Cynthia Bourgeault, Andrew Cohen, Lama Surya Das and Sally Kempton. Ken Wilber writes that Your Unique Self is radically exciting and ground breaking, that it will change forever how you think about enlightenment. He talks about how it brings together East and West in a higher integral embrace of stunning implications, and that it is a pivotal step toward an authentic enlightenment. It will become one of our suggested texts in the Called By Love intensives.

And once more I see the Universe at play in my own life…how it has brought the master teachers into the energy fields where we have studied together, learned, connected and become part of a greater Synergy. I see how it has given New Birth in my own life and in many of yours. And I also see how Divine Dissolve has been and will be part of that New Birth.

Recently I said to one of you, “I know that I have been to the Mountain-Top. I’ve experienced it, I’ve integrated it, I am living it. And now I know that it is about coming back down the mountain.” It is now about finding how to translate the experience and the consciousness of the mountain-top into the ‘languages’ of the ‘different countries’ in ways that it can be heard and understood. Somehow, it feels like it will be ‘ordinary’ and ‘extraordinary’ simultaneously. And I think I’ll learn the languages through sharing and stories, perhaps, of people’s lives.

I’m feeling amazing energy, enthusiasm and joy! What I know is that Called By Love and the intensives each month will be a container for this unfolding ‘Emergence’ for me, for those who are part of the lead and teaching team called ‘Dr. Marj Britt and Friends’, as well as for those who attend, those who come. Lives will change. Miracles will become ordinary. Miracles are already happening. I was stunned when Facebook reported that in 7 days in November 38,423 people were ‘reached’ by Called By Love’s Facebook page. Karina Rindt is part of the amazing energy of Love that is co-creating this miracle, partly with her Unique Self Gift of photography. There are so many more Unique Self Gifts to be revealed in this Container of Emergence. It is the unfolding of the “What?” that is after the Mountain-Top.

Once again…we are on the ‘leading edge of the leading edge’. We are co-creating it and my deepest heart’s desire is that you will join us in the emerging… ~Dr. Marj Britt



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    Kerry Silcock says

    Hullo! Greetings! from the other side of the Pacific Ocean. This is my inaugural visit (so far so good).
    I was drawn to this ‘blog’ first Marj as I love the illustration. You gave us the heads-up about this little book “Riding the Ox Home” which I now take with me on my travels – because it is so light 🙂
    What an amazing team you have created Marj! Congratulations everyone!
    Much love, Kerry

    • Fabienne Meuleman
      Fabienne Meuleman says

      Thank you so much our dear Kerry!!! We are so grateful the very first comment on the new Called by Love Institute website came from you, all the way from Australia! With our deep Love and Gratitude!

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    Michaela says

    I am drawn to the date: Jan 11, 2013. This for me, quite physically, was the date I returned from the mountain-top. At the time, I lived in a part of town that was lying higher up and had easy access to the hills and vineyards of my city. I had spent many hours there, looking down at the sea of houses and the river, contemplating and enjoying the beauty and peace. In these days however, I got ready to move down the river, to the other side of town, that lies much lower, with fertile fields, small rivers and mills. Here the next part of the journey began…and about 9 months later I found Marj and CBL. How wonderful ti is to see everything coming together in wonderful synthesis

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