The Beloved embracing the Beloved, in form, beyond form, visible, invisible, is revealing Itself as One. I never knew when the beautiful stained glass symbol of the mystical marriage, mystical union, manifested at Site Six in the Meditation Gardens at Unity of Tustin that it would ‘show up’ in the way It has. It is showing me… I Am the Way…

I thought it first had to manifest in my own being, in the evolution of my soul. Then, if it was ‘destiny’, I would ‘attract’ a soul partner at the same level of vibration… Well…sort of…and more…

My human mind tries, yet often can’t understand the Mystery…even after these twenty-five years of being a minister…and more than that on the spiritual path! I’ve seen glimpses, some potentials, but definitely “seeing” dimly.

Love, the Amazing Field of Love, is the Reality in which I live, in which I move, in which I have my Being. It transcends all of the love—yet includes it—that I have ever known.

It has no opposites. My perceptions in time, which sometimes perceived love that seemed to change, now have all reemerged…in the de’Light and dazzling Glory of this Love that is both form and formlessness.

Subtle body awareness has become almost as ‘real’ as physical awareness. Energy reveals itself in tincture, presence, texture, sometimes constriction, more often Vastness. And I know I am still learning the mysteries of Knowing in the Vastness.

I live from the Soul now more than from my human sense of self. This living from the Soul has become more comfortable and more Real to me than living from my human sense of self ever was…even though that was always very comfortable.

Multiple potentials of realities and Realities that exist simultaneously constantly are available to see. Miracles are natural occurrences when I am clear and aligned with this Field of Love that is also a field of Grace.

My left-brain which went offline mostly for many of these months that I came to call the Womb House is now back…with a different “Way” of functioning. It is available to me in Now moments, as Presence, and functions to do what ever is needed to be done.

The ‘past’ seems to have dissolved, at least parts that I once perceived as painful. Some ‘past’, however, still lives…very Alive in Knowing memories of Love, experienced, expressed, Pure Love…present Now.

Future does not seem available for me to ‘plan’ in the ‘old ways’, many of which I had seemingly been very successful at! My soul laughs…at my folly of thinking I was in charge or in control!

The energy of the Universe, of Destiny, is clearly revealing Its Way. I am given glimpses, often to be revealed through “following the dots”. The connections of the dots can be seen only ‘after the following’…and they often have the feeling of miracles and Awe. I can’t see the connections looking forward to plan with my human mind.

Synchronicities, dreams and time in the Silence and Writing My Soul are often the Way to clarity and Revelation. The times of Writing My Soul are the times I cherish and most look forward to during my days.

I feel inner and outer Love; Spirit, soul and body, visible and invisible. The same experiences of Love reveal themselves as Joy often and laughter has returned as natural. Love is revealed as Peace that is beyond understanding. I am aware I might have ‘written that’ two or three years ago, even spoken it…Yet it is different Now. It is a Living experience.

In this New Birth, I see with new eyes…and it occurs to me that this is the experience of what Jesus called the “single eye”. I know this because I experience my body as filled with Light, and that Light is living Presence.

The human definitions of ‘who I am’ no longer seem important, though I sometimes recognize that they can be of value in the world. Who Am I? Who Are You? Who Are We? What Is Our Purpose? These are the questions that come with the awareness of both human dimensions and That which is much Vaster…beyond the human…

The Awareness that there is more is always Present… It is still Revealing Itself! And I Am in Love with the Process!

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