It’s perhaps a strange title, or not so strange… It is after all the time when we are going into 2012. It is a time when significant change is foretold. I also chose the title as an on-going reference to my previous post, the very first post for Called By Love, about Tsunamis, Earthquakes and Wombhouses…about the white-board of my life being erased. It might be worthy of an update.

Life, for me, over the last months has been the experience of a Learning Laboratory, a living laboratory. Part of me is going through all of the experiences, another part of me is witnessing it all. And I am conscious of both parts simultaneously. If I remember to breathe and shift into asking the questions, “Who is Watching? Who Am I?,” a shift occurs, especially in moments of feeling lost, to one of awareness and Knowing the Witnessing of Cosmic Play.

Patience has become an important word. In the ‘old days’, I used to think of patience often as something that I needed to ‘get’ relative to other people. Now it is totally different. It is very clear that Patience is about patience with myself. It is about not being able to see the future, the outcome, the unfolding plan, the why, the where, the what. And it is about having no personal-level control. There are glimpses…and yet it is not yet time for the Birth of the New to be manifest in its full physical form…this is only the third trimester! Yet, I have connected my human experience of giving birth with my other-worldly experience of the invisible Now… It has become an important guide, a clue.

Another important moment was having a seminary classmate ask me if I had seen Steve Jobs’ Stanford Commencement Address. I hadn’t. I have sort of checked out of life it seems; I am told it was everywhere after he died. My classmate posted it on Facebook for me. I looked at it. Steve Jobs told three stories of his life, the first about Connecting the Dots, the second about Love and Loss, the third about Death. I was stunned. Immediately the awareness came that I had the same three themes going on huge in my life now…and it would be important to map them, inquire into them.

I have often taught ‘Follow the Dots’, but the profound insight was of not being able to see into the future…yet it is possible to look back and see how all of the events had many sub-events, it is possible to see how the dots connect. Suddenly I could see past, present, and future as One, as Now. It was a new level of insight on Patience.

The second story of Love and Loss brought into vivid awareness the Faces of Love and Loss in my own life. Patterns emerged of soul journey as I prepared to teach the Intensives over the first three months. My teaching began to come from Non-Dual levels, beyond human perceptions of dark and light and the Void took on whole new meanings. I’ve taught the Stages of Creation hundreds of times, but this time, for me, it was New. It was from the Second Tier, transcending and including, Involution and Evolution of the soul simultaneously. A new Aliveness is being carried in my heart-womb that is beyond my human mind. It is birthing Itself in the teachings…

The third story of Death brought vivid awareness also. Each moment is death. Moving out of the office that I had occupied for eighteen years at Unity of Tustin was a death, the ending of relationships are a death, a death is a death, the end of a familiar way of life is a death. It is about dying before you die. And, of course, it is a term that I’d taught before, I ‘thought’. Now it is coming from overwhelming experience that my human mind cannot live through or think through. My left-brain of rational logical thinking went off line and is only now beginning to come back.

Most of all, spiritual teachings and spiritual practice that have become Inner Knowing and Writing My Soul are taking me through. The things that I’ve taught are coming back to teach me at new levels. Unity of Tustin’s Meditation Gardens which I was part of co-creating and the monthly Intensives that I’m teaching and facilitating at Unity of Tustin have been my Savior. I don’t say that lightly. The participants have in part come back to minister to the minister…probably not knowing it. If you have been there, it has happened for me, even as you learn and experience your own amazing transformations.

The first three Intensives for Called By Love were stages that were all in the Invisible, the second one even titled Knowing in the Unknowing. The third was Glimpses of the Soul. The fourth was Timelessness Coming Into Time. We opened to receiving That which our Soul knows which our human mind doesn’t, that which is not yet visible. I’ve got a lot of that happening right now! Each intensive stands alone, yet they also build on each other.

Now, on February 17 and 18, we will be focusing on Where the Two Seas Meet. We will be seeing our Soul giving us pointers that are part of our Soul’s destiny coming into manifestation. It is about the intersections between the invisible and the visible in our lives, our human journey and the larger journey of our Soul. It is about Understanding and Compassion, for ourselves and for others. I am looking forward to what will be coming to me in the next two months of my life, the completion of the third trimester of this Womb House experience! And interestingly, it will be right around the time of Palm Sunday and Easter. It is amazing the way that synchronicities play in our lives. It will be my 19th year at Unity of Tustin. I have a Inner Knowing it will be auspicious!

Most of all, I Am…in Love, in gratitude, in wonder…still…, in Peace, and I am beginning to feel the inner movement of something coming alive again. It feels like Joy!

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