• I WANT YOU to help me CHOOSE THE TITLE for my first book, PLEASE RESPOND…

    How do I ask you about something that means so much to me? On June 1st, 2015, I set an intention to write my first book and submit the completed manuscript for publication by June 1st, 2016. I am on target AND I’d love to have your help in selecting the

  • IT IS WRITTEN ON THE WIND ~ Glimpses of the Soul

    Imprints and Influences happen. Downloads happen. Synchronicity happens… Out of these can come Trails to be Blazed. A beautiful jade table sits under the trees at Site 3 in the garden, a place where we receive Glimpses of the Soul, a place of Divine Imagination sourcing our very being. There

In the Name of Love: Called by Love Ambassadors Welcome Call Replay!

    Unable to share a new blog post from Marj this week, we decided to take the opportunity to post the recording of last week “Called by Love Institute Welcome Call” instead. Therefore it will remain available here to share with your friends and loved ones!  Although it was recorded on iHeartOC Giving Day, most questions and answers can be listened


    I continue to be amazed at what comes in dreams. I woke up this morning hearing music in my dream and the words, “I will love you, really love you, until the end of time.” Sort of remembering the music, like a veiled, nearly hidden memory, I went to look


    I woke up this morning with this title, this ‘theme’ flooding into my awareness. There were some simple words that followed, seeming to be ‘parts’ or ‘paths’ of the Mystery that came in my ‘waking re-entry’ into the day. Then a sort of ‘sub-title’ came, like a glimpse of how

  • I Heart Called by Love Institute because…

    What is your answer to this question? Why do you Heart Called by Love Institute? This is not our usual weekly blog from Marj… Obviously… Instead… with Fabienne’s voice, we are calling you to help us share our message of Love by sharing the short video below, as well as answering (if you wish)


    Awareness is ‘dropping in’ that I’ve never ‘thought of’ before… Fascinating. There was something about a triangle standing upright, in ‘Glimpses of Your Soul’, that ‘didn’t quite work’ for me. Of course…seeing the triangle reaching to the sky was only the first piece. There are other triangles that come together


    There is a second archway on the path in the garden, next to Site 2, Faith and Trust, and before Site 3. Charles Fillmore, the co-founder of Unity, called the third “day” of creation Divine Imagination. The Divine part, for me, is essential. Imagination, as often understood by the human


    The Spirit of God has been hovering over the waters. And now, if we are open, have done the Invisible work of Awareness, and if we are willing, Glimpses of our Soul will be accessible for us to experience. They will still be veiled, like ‘seeing in a mirror darkly’,


    As we move deeper into the Garden, and into the integrating of Faith and Trust, let’s take a moment to really go into the Vastness of ‘dividing the waters above from the waters below’. What is happening is that we are ‘transcending and including’, going beyond and including all that