STAYING ON TRACK…IN THE COSMOS How do we stay on track when we are going through major changes and shifts in our lives?  Nothing seems to be the same.  We feel disoriented and out of focus often.  Sometimes it is clear and then it all gets fuzzy. It is a


    NEW BIRTH, MYSTICAL UNION By Marj The Beloved embracing the Beloved, in form, beyond form, visible, invisible, is revealing Itself as One. I never knew when the beautiful stained glass symbol of the mystical marriage, mystical union, manifested at Site Six in the Meditation Gardens at Unity of Tustin that

  • About Harry J. Smith

    About Harry J. Smith Introduction by Diane Fish These were written in response to a take home suggestion from the second Intensive for Called By Love. In deep understanding of the many ways in which Spirit manifests through our human form, participants were asked to recognize their individual gifts of

  • Dr. Marj Britt and Rev. Richard Billings

    Dr. Marj Britt  and Rev. Richard Billings Video of Rev. Richard Billings visiting Dr. Marj Britt and members of the Called by Love intensive 5: Where the Two Seas Meet.


    THE WOMB HOUSE: EXPERIENCING THE THIRD TRIMESTER By Marj It’s perhaps a strange title, or not so strange… It is after all the time when we are going into 2012. It is a time when significant change is foretold. I also chose the title as an on-going reference to my

  • There are These Moments

    There are These Moments Introduction by Dr. Marj Britt, facilitator of the Called By Love intensives and teacher of the Write Your Soul process Often when we practice “Write Your Soul”, our deepest levels of feeling and deepest level of Soul Process comes to be scribed on the page.  Add

  • The Mysteries of Love

    The Mysteries of Love   The attached audio is from a talk Marj gave at Unity of Tustin on December 4th, 2011. I won’t spoil the talk, but just before the talk, Ray Davis had performed a song about intimate, relationship love (in a church!) as an expression of Divine

  • Ian: “…what I accept as irrefutable evidence of God’s existence…”

    Ian: “…what I accept as irrefutable evidence of God’s existence…” By John This wonderful experience is courtesy of Ian Thomson: Rev. Marj Britt has always been full of good ideas, and this latest initiative of hers in founding calledbylove.com is one of her best. I thank her for this opportunity to testify

  • Recognizing the Faces of Love in Your Life

    Recognizing the Faces of Love in Your Life By Marj I am preparing for our first intensive.  It is my dream of being able to go higher and deeper into my life’s work.  As I went into the Silence and asked “Where do we begin?” the answer that came from

  • Love Holds No Grievances

    Love Holds No Grievances by Barbara Brown Allen Imagine we are in the lounge area of an up-scale restaurant in southern California. It is dark; lights are dimmed and table candles are glowing. The patrons are sitting around the tables or at the bar, drinking and smoking. Sitting at the