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Kosmic Leadership, Part 2 of a series presented by
Called By Love with Dr. Marj Britt & Friends, including
Dr. Michael Ward and David Jonathan

Friday, JULY 18, 7-9pm and Saturday, JULY 19, l0am to 4pm

called by love intensiveWhat is your Spiritual Autobiography in both the ‘I and the We’ Space of your life?

In this Leading Edge intensive, you will be:

Exploring Emerging Wisdom in the Shadow Dance … seeing both the Golden Shadow and the Black Madonna

Recognizing 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Acts in your life … and asking ‘Is there a 4th Act?’

Embodying the Revelations of Genesis, Union, Dissolve and Resurrection in all of their Stages and States

Seeing It, both in our individual lives, as well as our family, community and organizational lives, as expressions of “Where two or more are gathered…”

Living Evolutionary Vision, Values, Passion, Practices and Purpose Experientially, as you live Top Down Vertical Awareness in Knowing and Unknowing

Finding the Divine Romance in the Commitment we feel with the Beloved in all of the layers of our lives

The curriculum will be Emerging Curriculum…

Two maps or books have been identified that we will use for those who want deeper dives:

‘Reinventing Organizations: How to create organizations inspired by the next stage of human consciousness’ by Frederic Laloux (foreword by Ken Wilber)

Patricia Albere’s forthcoming book: ‘WEvolution’


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