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How is Your Heart 
Leading You? ~ Message and Free Replay of the Call with Marj
A Message from Marj
Marj’s Invitation to the Call 
HOW IS YOUR HEART LEADING YOU? I’ve given that ‘guidance’ to hundreds, perhaps thousands of people, over so many years. I’ve followed it myself and always have found it to be True. And it is not always what my mind tells me! How has it been for you? How is your heart guiding you now? And simultaneously, in asking you that question, It requires me to also ask myself the same question…
For me, It always is a profound moment that includes past, present and future as One. It is a Timeless Knowing of the All That Is. It gives me a ‘Cosmic Vastness’.in that moment I feel a heart experience of Joy.Interestingly, the next pieces seem to require the Synergy of Exploring.
Notice that is with capitals, meaning for me the energy of Conscious
Awareness… sort of a Cosmic Curiosity about meaning and Mystery!So many of you shared in those moments, in Living, Loving, Legacy, the telesummit and all of the telecourses that came out of it. It carried a Heart experience of Joy so profoundly! And Now, for me, it is leading into the next realms of Exploring…the Unexplored.

My heart is Leading me into what I’ve come to know as ‘Turquoise and Beyond’ in the Spiral, in Integral. It is the Higher and Deeper.

It is a Knowing that will include Vertical Awareness and a Knowing that It will also be about “Where two or more are gathered…” which I’ve come to call ‘Synergy Circles’.

It feels like it will include a smaller number with some One to One exploring that includes Vertical Awareness, all of the ‘Colors of the Rainbow’ in radiant Awareness.

What I yearn for is Deep Connecting and the Synergy of Co-Creation. It goes Beyond the rational mind and into the Energy of the Visionary vibration.

For me, it is the Opening and the Inviting of the ‘Descent of the Dove’… And when that happens, I yearn to have the Practice Space for That to come into the world. It is the Union of Heaven and Earth.

I Am yearning to hear from each of you…

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What is your Deepest Heart’s Yearning? What is inviting and leading you into your heart experience of Joy? How will the Synergy move through us potentially in our next explorations together?

In Deep Love and Gratitude,


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