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March 14, 7-9pm and March 15, 10am-4pm
With Dr. Marj Britt & Friends

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CBL March2013 Intensive
Have you wondered…how in the world does it all fit together???  Has it ever felt overwhelming, beyond understanding?

Have you begun to integrate some of the ‘words, phrases or symbols’ you have heard or learned?  Things like ‘Spirit, Soul and Body’, or perhaps ‘Maps of Consciousness’ or ‘Stages and States’?

Have you considered your life as an Evolutionary Process with perhaps Developmental Stages?  Have you asked, “Where Am I?” and “Where do I begin?”

Have you been fascinated by the possibility of ‘Multiple Levels of Reality existing simultaneously’?  Have you wondered… “Is it really what happened and is it now still happening in my life?”

Have you questioned and asked “Why did it happen?”  Have you struggled with understanding and felt like you were in a ‘fog’?  Have you wanted to see Clearly?

Discover how ‘Different languages for Different Countries’ may be part of your coming into ‘Clear Seeing’.

Explore how…just possibly…it all works together, all of the time…in your own life, in other’s lives and in the world.

This intensive will integrate all of the sites in Unity of Tustin’s beautiful Meditation Gardens.


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