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in Tustin, California
Friday, JUNE 20, 7-9pm and Saturday, JUNE 21, 10am to 4pm

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Are you being called into the Next Order of Leadership?
How does your life story and unique gifts relate to Kosmic Leadership at the levels emerging?

Have you begun to ‘see’ order within chaos? Are you searching for guiding principles? Have you experienced a shift from a personal focus on desires and goals to an Awareness of the Synergy of We?

Are you looking for new meaning relative to some ‘key areas’ in your life? Have you done deep inner work? Do you experience deep Intuitive Knowing? Do you yearn to live an authentic life, even though you sometimes feel the irony of that?

Do you recognize paradox and sometimes even live with it? Have you experienced at times ‘multiple realities existing simultaneously’? Have you experienced the Power of Presence and Radiance? Do you have the gift of Dancing with what arises?

Do you move in your life with an interplay of awareness, action and transformation?

Are you aware of your life as ‘story’, even as a ‘fiction’ that is ongoingly created and creative? Do you experience the Witness self?

Do you feel free to play, to explore, to clown and to even mirror others? Have you sometimes recognized multiple subpersonalities? Do you feel you have a complex self-story or even self-identity?

Are you aware of your current self as a culmination of prior development? Are you able to be aware of ego and Higher Self through the spiral? Do you see choice between powerful action and non-action without attachment to outcome?

Do you experience compassion as you see souls in their own process of evolution? Do you recognize joy and suffering as parts of a whole? Do you experience the deep meaning of Ritual? Do you relate to it with Joy and Awe?

Have you had profound and stable feelings of a Connection to the All That Is?

Have you had a deep experience of Oneness? Do you have a vision of restoring joy and thriving to the whole of humankind?

If you said ‘YES’ to some of these questions, we would love for you to join us.

You are invited to be part of PIONEERING how these

LEADERSHIP CURRICULUMS will emerge in the next levels.


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