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CALLED BY LOVE with Dr. Marj Britt, Debora DelaCuesta and David Jonathan

Sept 19, 7-9pm and Sept 20, 10am-4pm

called by love spiritual intensiveDISCOVER how you are and have always been a ‘Co-Creator and a Container’ for Spirit in the physical world in all of the experiences and stages of your life.

SEE some of the ways in which It has ‘shown up’, in many different ways, even if you have been unaware of it, whether you realized it…or not.

LEARN how you have been ‘dreaming your dream’ consciously or unconsciously and how all of it ‘works together’ for good for those who are Called…

FIND how your UNIQUE WORK is Calling you, including your Unique Gifts as you feel the Awareness, a New Way of Seeing All of It, All the Way in your life.

RECOGNIZE how you are guided, magnetized, even ‘pulled’ by your heart’s yearning and deep desires, with Turning Points and even Surprises.

EXPERIENCE how even the Cul-de-sacs, the ‘side-tracks’ and the stuck points are part of learning and healing, and perhaps potentially the Path of the Bodhisattva.

REALIZE how the ‘Ticket Punches’ are Languages of Love with many colors, many themes and many variations…like rivers flowing to the ocean.

EXPLORE what it means to experience all of this in the container of the WE SPACE that could change your life, be part of Co-Creation and perhaps even be part of changing the world.


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