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Love in the Spiral ~ Part 4 of 4


It’s about…
Back to the Future & Forward to the Past” ~ Don Beck

Are you a Kosmic Explorer?

Do you find fascination with stages of life and wonder about finding yourself in the complexities of the Spiral?

Have you felt the momentous paradigm shift that goes from horizontal awareness with
translation to vertical awareness with knowing the Ways of Transformation?

Find Love in The Spiral. Your Alpha & your emerging Omega. Your Double Rainbow…
Bring new awareness to your Kosmic 1,000 Piece Puzzle.

You are invited to join Dr. Marj Britt for a 4-week deeply experiential process… with you bringing your own life into the curriculum…

We will explore and map the territory of our lives…the passage ways, the by-ways and the moments in time. We will, in the We Space, lay new Kosmic grooves for each other… that may benefit others to follow.

Be part of our growing worldwide campus of consciousness from the comfort of your home. Live Teleclasses (and replays) and Private online community with deep levels of shares.

Wed, Feb 12:
FREE PRE-CALL OPEN TO ALL with Q & A and Early Bird Offer
Overview of Four Weeks:   YOUR DOUBLE RAINBOW
Potentials and possibilities,  The visible and Invisible
Access event information sent to all participants.

Wed, Feb 19:
‘In the world, not of the world’

Wed, Feb 26:
Do they merge? Overlay?  Partly overlay or not at all?
Am I a mapmaker?  Consciously or unconsciously?

Wed, Mar 5:
What is my Map?  my Unique Gift?  My unique path?
Where Am I in my exploration?

Wed, Mar 12:
How do the Double Rainbows of my Soul inter-relate?
   …with my life, with others, and with the Cosmic Vastness?


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