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GOOD FRIDAY, APRIL 18, 7pm  &  HOLY SATURDAY, APRIL 19, 10am to 4pm
CALLED BY LOVE Intensive with Dr. Marj Britt & Friends

April 2014 CBL Flyer Jesus Story

Have you ever thought about the Jesus Story as a roadmap for spiritual awakening?

If that is the requirement for being ‘Raised Up’, why is Holy Saturday not talked about, even by the church, more often?  Is there a significance that has been overlooked, or not understood at the level of deepest Mystery?

Adyashanti, in his newest book, Resurrecting Jesus, Embodying the Spirit of a Revolutionary Mystic, devotes an entire chapter to this Map of Awakening.  You are invited to explore this profound Mystery as a possible template for your own life.

This is a journey that we can Realize internally.  Yet to understand it, you need to Become It.  It is beyond the logical rational mind.  It is of a Higher Order of Wisdom.

Learn and experience, perhaps, as part of your own life:

THE CALLING:  The impulse that galvanizes your attention and reorients your life to a different trajectory.  Did you recognize it when it happened?

THE AWAKENING:  Awake from what you had thought was ‘normal’ to your deep Essence.  Identify the moment of shift from one order of reality to another in your life.  Was there a Void, an Emptiness, from which ‘downloads’ began to come?

TRIALS & TRIBULATIONS:  What was your 40 days in the wilderness experience?    How did outer circumstances exquisitely test you?  What was torn apart?  How is this a form of Purification?  How did you move forward?

ABIDING TRANQUILITY:  What happened to your personal will?  Your human emotions?  What did you sense in this time?

THE TRANSFIGURATION:  What is this Extraordinary Vitality, this feeling of a very deep and powerful Radiance?  How does it change you?

RELINQUISHMENT:  What do our experiences of our own forms of crucifixion in our own lives really mean?  Have you ever felt completely abandoned?  How is it a process of Re-Birth?

THE TRANSMUTATION:  What does your resurrected life look like?  How is it different from the ‘old ways’ of being?  How does it relate to the way that you live in the world?


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