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Friday, MAY 9, 7-9pm and Saturday, MAY 10, 10am to 4pm

called by love dream therapy training

Is it ‘To Dream the Impossible Dream’ or

Is it ‘I Have a Dream’?
Is it ‘Climb Every Mountain’ or

Is it ‘Liebestraum…Dream of Love’?
Is it ‘Once Upon a Dream’ or

Is it ‘Joseph and The Amazing Technicolor Dream Coat’?
Did you know that Dreamwork has deep roots in the Bible, ancient scripture thousands of years old?
Are you a Dream Weaver?

Are you a Dream Builder?
Have you understood dreams as the Language of the Unconscious?

Have you ever imagined that they could be about something important in your life?
We’ll begin with How to Interpret Dreams with David Jonathan, who has worked with dreams in his own life and hosted a dream study group for many years. He will be leading a segment on Friday evening and he will be inviting you to go home and dream. And then remember your dream…

Marj will be drawing on her own training in Gestalt dream work (with a bit of Jungian dream work slipping in perhaps) as well as her years of being a Visionary and a Dream Builder. You also will be part of the Co-Creation of this deep dive into the Play of Consciousness…if you are willing.

Some of the questions may be “Are dreams the path of the Evolutionary or the Path of the Revolutionary?” Or is it Both/And? Are dreams something to fear? Or are dreams about healing?

And “How does it all work together?” Do you know the ending of the story in Genesis 50 of Joseph and his Many Colored Dream Coat?


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