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Who Are The Stars In Your Galaxy?

February 14, 7-9pm and February 15, 10am-4pm
With Dr. Marj Britt & Friends

love spiritualiyIn this month of Love, consider what a great Gift it would be to take some time to recognize and cherish moments and experiences of Love in your life…

A galaxy is one of billions of systems and includes stars. Your galaxy is part of what makes up the Universe. Have you considered that your very life could be part of that Vastness of Cosmic order?

Do you find yourself intrigued with Soul questions, perhaps soul relationships or soul purpose? Have you wondered about your soul’s destiny?

Explore how your life is part of a Greater Evolutionary Plan. Bring into Awareness some of the people, experiences, events, places and moments in time that can give you Glimpses into your Soul’s Plan of Destiny. See how it is part of what is guiding your life!

Recognize the Intersections in Time that changed your life and continue to live as part of you now. Experience how past, present and future are Now…and in Timelessness are One.

So… Who are the Stars in Your Galaxy??? Delight in seeing it, cherish the Knowing and see clearly the Field out of which Stars are born!

In this intensive you will discover the Unity of Tustin Meditation Garden Sites from which your Stars have emerged!


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