Called by Love? How you can make a difference!


A profound thank you for your interest in offering your sacred gifts, time and/orresources.You might (or might not) know that since its creation, Called by Love has been run 100% by thededication and resources of volunteers. We refer to it as Selfless Service. All of us are offering our support as Selfless Service because we feel Called by Love and inspired by our mission. It is quite extraordinary to be in such a pure field of love and service. Together.

In order to grow and expand more, we welcome new “Called by Love ambassadors”.  From wherever you are in the world, and in whatever capacity you feel called to serve, we would love to hear from you. Below are some of the “need~wishes” we have identified. However, we also welcome any other ideas and suggestions about how you would like to serve.

Please email us at, indicate “Volunteer / Selfless Service” in the title of the email, tell us about yourself and in which ways you feel Called by Love to join us in our mission.

Please receive our Love & Gratitude ♡

The simple ways you can be a Called by Love Ambassadors:

  • Add your responses to the practices in Marj’s weekly Blog, the Manifesto of Love on this website
  • Join our newsletter and share with your Loved ones
  • Join our facebook page, comment on posts (it helps significantly with the facebook visibility) and share your friends

If you have more time to share, offer Selfless Service :

  • Written transcription of some selected audio calls and/or live events
  • Edit or review transcriptions or other material
  • Edit existing videos and audio recordings
  • Create new videos


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