HOW MUCH? You will choose, the reason for the ‘blank’ box! And there are reasons we chose the ‘numbers’ we did… If you are interested, read more…

Your answer to ‘How much?’ will change based on you! You will know, perhaps now, perhaps as you ‘go along’. Your Love Donation will be about ‘Giving and Receiving’ ultimately. It will be about Value Given and Value Received. It will become CLEAR to you as you ‘hang out’ or even immerse yourself in the Field that we are co-creating that is Called By Love Institute.

Our commitment to LOVE DONATION represents our deep heart’s desire that these doors be open to everyone. Called By Love Institute is a Radical and Magnificent Experiment, ultimately a ‘Magnificent Obsession’ for Marj. We hold a Vision of a New World based in every way on Honoring and Love…

Our Passion is to Co-Create a Platform with a focus on Consciousness… Although we recognize the need for Called By Love Institute to be Sustaining, our commitment is that this platform be available to everyone who wishes to enter.

For three decades, Marj was a highly successful visionary leader within the worldwide Unity movement. She has the ‘Non-Profit Imprint’ as part of her Heart’s Passion and deep Knowing of ‘How It Works’ coming from the ‘bricks and mortar platforms’ of those 30 years.

Our passionate desire is to bring that kind of Non-Profit Visionary Imprint to the Invisible Platform of the worldwide web. Our knowing is that each individual will make their decisions based on their own heart and on their own knowing…


Marj, for herself, bases her decisions on her KNOWING THE POWER OF ONE…

Most of us have had experiences of four or five of the ‘definitions:

1                  We feel we have to make it happen on our own.

10                We get a ‘glimpse’ of more, begin to see ‘giving and receiving’

100              The beginning of the Power of One going into Infinity

1,000           We begin to see the ‘Power of We’, see the 1,000 Piece Puzzle

10,000         The ‘We’ is Magnified and Opening to Vision

100,000       The ‘Codes of Co-Creation’ are Becoming Realized

1,000,000    The Union of Heaven and Earth, we ‘Come Back from the Mountain Top into the World with Gift Bestowing Hands’

And Beyond VISION IS MOVING INTO VASTNESS… Consciousness is transcending and including, we live ‘As Above, So Below’

We are one side of this POWER OF ONE triangle.  The Universe is the other.

You will notice that each ‘shift’ or acceleration involves a higher awareness of giving and receiving. ‘Co-Creating a New World’, including ways involving economy, is part of our Vision.

Marj is deeply committed to the Principle of Tithing, GIVING TO THE SOURCE OF YOUR SPIRITUAL GOOD, which is based in scriptural foundations. If you would like to have a conversation about this as you make your Love Donation decision, Marj would welcome that… Contact her through Team@CalledByLove.com.

And, if you’ve read this far…we deeply honor your curiosity and your Willingness.

We really look forward to the journey that we will be sharing!

The Called by Love Institute is recognized as a non-profit 501(C)(3) making donations tax deductible.

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