Love As Never Before: Recording of December 5th Call and Valentine’s Week February Event

Love as Never Before A Message from Marj  Beloved, In case you missed the last call with Marj on Wednesday, December 5th, you can listen to the recording here: As Marj had mentioned in the invitation that was sent by email to our email list: We have a lot to talk

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Code 4: Will & Understanding and the Executive Power of Mind ~ Fourth Video in the Codes of Co-Creation SERIES with Dr. Marj Britt

A MESSAGE FROM MARJ CODE 4 is about Will and Understanding and the Executive Power of Mind.  Another 10 days has passed, our symbol of the Power of One going into Infinity in our Seven Codes of Co-Creation VIDEO SERIES. Whoa, so much has happened for me in the last two weeks.  It feels like I

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