How do we stay on track when we are going through major changes and shifts in our lives?  Nothing seems to be the same.  We feel disoriented and out of focus often.  Sometimes it is clear and then it all gets fuzzy.

It is a bit like making a commitment to exercise or to go to the gym and work out every day.  Sometimes it just feels totally natural and great.  Other times it feels hard and not fun at all.  And it requires commitment to stay with the process, to stay on track.  Interestingly, the commitment will work best…if you are in non-dual awareness and if you recognize that it simply will include ‘flex-flow’.

People, events and moments will come into our lives as simple Grace.  It is the Universe taking care of us, yet we will feel it only if we recognize it with gratitude and awareness.  The Universe will confirm Itself with simple things, miracles, or Revelations.  The confirmations will show up in every-day moments, often as phone calls, invitations, emails, words said or even over-heard, experiences that are ordinary or extraordinary.  The questions are: ‘Will we recognize it and will we say Yes?’

We are still ‘used to’ the physical, the visible world that we have known, the ‘old ways’ where we often thought we had some control.  They may have felt ‘comfortable’, until things shifted, perhaps unexpectedly.

What is happening is that we are awakening from one level of partial unconsciousness into greater levels of conscious Awareness.  And still…we experience things that we miss, that we ‘want’, that we were ‘used to’.  Things have changed and maybe we didn’t want them to, at least not the way that they did.  We are in the experience of what Llewellyn Vaughan-Lee calls ‘Where the Two Seas Meet’.  Currents in the ocean of consciousness are intersecting.

Imprints of time, of the unconscious, will begin to dissolve in the currents of Pure Love, if we are willing.  Shifts will be occurring in the realms from ego to Essence, from I to We.  The consciousness of ‘Who Are We?’ will carry us through veils of duality and separation…if we are willing.  Less conscious dimensions of awareness dissolve and shift, spiraling into the realms of emerging Essence consciously Realized.

It invites us to be grateful for every moment as we see how all things have worked together in our lives in this Revelation of the Vaster tapestry of Life.  We realize that we cherish the feelings we’ve had, the touch of people we have loved, hearing their words, experiencing our lives in relationship, learning, and evolving in time.

Our human ‘wiring’ is still in the process of integrating into the Vaster circuits.  We are learning our new Love language in the experience of this bridge between the old and the new, the visible and the Invisible.  There are in-between times.

We find ourselves, hopefully most of the time, just letting it all Be…and being with the Process as it reveals Itself in our world.  Our learning curve is that of realizing how we are in the role of co-Creator.  We are not ‘in charge’ at the human level.  Yet there is a dimension of our Being that will see the Vaster and will become part of the co-Creating of it.  And, It will invite our human self to participate!

What seems to be is that It is getting mapped out of the experience of recognizing the language of the symbols and synchronicities of the Mystery.  How delightful it is…if we are patient and willing to embrace the Unknowing.  And it may be terrifying if we think that we can control it and resist the surrender that It requires as realities are changing.

We are navigating and finding our ways with the waves and the shifts out of the old ‘roles’ into our New Birth.  We are sometimes like a toddler, taking our first steps and then wobbling…then taking our next steps with Love and Joy in the Vastness of our Soul.

We will learn to walk…then to run, and perhaps, maybe even fly.  The realms of the New Birth are the living beyond that which our human mind can now know.  We begin to recognize the Cosmos has ‘tracks’ that are invisible and determined by That which is beyond our individual personalities, or even our individuated Souls.

We are aligned in an Order Beyond…even as the planets and the stars.  Our unique gifts of Genius are profoundly part of the Cosmic blueprint, each as unique as our fingerprints and beautiful as each unique snowflake.  And this Cosmic blueprint is inviting and needing your unique vibration of color and Light to express in the Galaxies of your world in full radiance.

And, amazingly, one of the ways is as simple as Love.  We all have this knowing or yearning for love, this matrix of Cosmic completion.  It is just waiting to Know Its unique expression in us, through us and as us.

I invite you to a cosmic experience with your own soul aligning with your unique blueprint.  It exists between your old visible and your New Invisible.  You will find it in the collective field in the July 20, 7-9 and July 21, 10-4, Called by Love intensive “Recognizing the Bridge”.  It will become visible in your life, if you are willing to connect the dots.  I invite you to make the commitment to engage.  Will you say ‘Yes’?


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