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09/10/2019 – Bridging the Realms: A Commitment to Love. Join the Call on Wed. Sept. 11th at 10 am PDT!

08/06/2019 – THE WAYS OF LOVE. How do I love? Let me count the ways… Join the Call on Wed. August 7th at 10 am PDT!

07/09/2019 – BEING IN THE FLOW



04/30/2019 – LIVING LOVE IN TWO WORLDS: A Message from Marj & our Called By Love Institute Monthly Call this Wed. May 1st at 10am PDT

04/15/2019 – Celebrating Marj’s 80th Birthday today and on Saturday April 27th at Unity of Tustin, YOU ARE INVITED!

04/02/2019 – “BY RIGHT OF CONSCIOUSNESS”… WHAT DOES THAT MEAN??? A Message from Marj & our Called By Love Institute Monthly Call this Wed. April 3rd at 10am PDT

03/05/2019 – The Week that Changed my World, a Message from Marj & the details for our Called By Love Institute Monthly Call this Wed. March 6th at 10am PST

02/05/2019 – UPSHIFTS, SHADOW CRASHES and REVELATIONS: a message from Marj & the details for our call tomorrow, Wednesday February 6th at 10am PST

01/28/2019 – Reminder: TODAY, Monday January 28, is the DEADLINE FOR EARLY BIRD registration discount for the ‘LOVE AS NEVER BEFORE’ workshop in OC this February!

01/19/2019 – Love as Never Before PodCast with Marj, Terri & Kim

01/08/2019 – Three Wonderful Opportunities, incl. Called By Love Institute Worldwide Call on Wed. January 9 at 10 am PDT. Invite Spirit to Show You the Way…

12/17/2018 – THE PROMISE OF GIVING: A Message from Marj

12/04/2018 – Love as Never Before, Called By Love Institute Worldwide Call on Wed. December 5th at 10 am PDT

12/01/2018 – ‘LOVE AS NEVER BEFORE’ Workshop: A significant message from Marj about this unique, groundbreaking experiential event in Southern California!

10/16/2018 – COSMIC UP-SHIFTS, DARK AND LIGHT AND THE WAY THROUGH. A Message from Marj & CBLI Worldwide Call on Wed. 10/17 at 10 am PDT

09/18/2018 – SYNCHRONICITY: COSMIC WHISPERS IN THE UNKNOWING. A Message from Marj: Worldwide Call on Wed. 9/19 at 10 am PDT & Invite for Sunday 9/23 Workshop!

08/14/2018 – Are you listening? The Universe is calling…  A Message from Marj, including the details for our Worldwide Monthly Call on Wednesday at 10 am PDT!

07/31/2018 – DIVINE DISSOLVE OR FOLLOW THE DOTS? Love & The Purpose of Being Human Symposium + Republic of the Heart Live Video Event with Terry Patten on Wed. 8/1

07/17/2018 – WHAT’S NEXT? 
SURPRISE… IT’S NOW! A Message from Marj, the invitation for our monthly live Worldwide Call on Wednesday July 18th at 10 am PDT!

06/19/2018 – A TENDER NOT-KNOWING ~ Our Worldwide Call on Wednesday June 20th at 10 am PDT with our SURPRISE GUEST Rev. Dr. Steve Colladay in dialogue with Marj!

05/15/2018 – WHY DOES THIS HAPPEN OVER AND OVER AGAIN???  Your Invitation for our Worldwide Call on Wednesday May 16th at 10 am PDT: A Message from Marj

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