I WANT YOU to help me CHOOSE THE TITLE for my first book, PLEASE RESPOND…

How do I ask you about something that means so much to me?

On June 1st, 2015, I set an intention to write my first book and submit the completed manuscript for publication by June 1st, 2016. I am on target AND I’d love to have your help in selecting the title.

The book is all about the soul’s journey, codes of co-creation and most of all an exploration of love. Each short chapter, designed to read ‘one-a-day’ for exploration and inspiration, will include memoir or story, teaching and practices.

So many of you have been part of Called By Love from the beginning. I would LOVE to have your input!

Deep Love and Gratitude,


I’ve chosen four possible ones, all you need to do is CLICK BELOW and tell me which title might ‘draw you in’ the most…

And, if you are willing, tell me ‘Why?’

Marj First Book Title Survey - Click Here

Click HERE or on the image to RESPOND

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With our Deep Love and Gratitude!




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