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IT IS WRITTEN ON THE WIND ~ Glimpses of the Soul

Imprints and Influences happen. Downloads happen.
Synchronicity happens… Out of these can come Trails to be Blazed.

A beautiful jade table sits under the trees at Site 3 in the garden, a place where we receive Glimpses of the Soul, a place of Divine Imagination sourcing our very being. There are fig trees, apple trees and orange trees all around. Each has its own unique seeds that hold the potential of producing ‘after their kind’.

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The seeds, if nurtured, can over the years, become trees themselves. Some will be become fruitful. Some will go unnoticed, perhaps even ‘blown off’ by the wind. Some may find fertile ground in other places.

Let’s go back, pay attention to the symbols in the 3rd day/stage in the creation story:

“Then God said, ‘Let the earth bring forth grass, the herb that yields seed, and the fruit tree that yields fruit according to its kind…”     (Genesis 1:11)

Before these words in the passage of several verses, the dry land called earth and the seas appear. And there is also evening and morning. We are seeing ‘Emergence’ and ‘Transcending’, formative stages beginning. It also ‘includes’ the contrasts, the light and the dark.

If we ‘see’ these invisible imprints and influences in our own lives, we can often recognize the “beginning” in our lives, the beginning of potentials to come. What I’ve noticed is that a lot of it occurs in the first two decades of our lives, and then continues repeating with new ‘seeds’ being given.

We are experiencing the ‘Intersection’ between Timelessness and time, the Invisible and the visible, Heaven and Earth. It will happen as we move into the 4th day or the 4th stage in our ‘garden amidst the flames’. I’ve come to know this ‘flame’ as the Living Flame of Love… And, when in the ‘invisible’, it is still to come. Let’s take a few moments in our awareness to sit at the jade table. Let’s listen to the ‘Whispers’ of the wind.

Another scripture, for me, is profoundly related, as we still sit in Timelessness. Different people understand this in different ways, I’m very aware of that. Let me share the way that I have come to experience and know it in my life…

‘And suddenly there came a sound from heaven, as of a rushing mighty wind, and it filled the whole house… There appeared tongues, as of fire, and they were all filled with the Holy Spirit.’

This story in Acts 2:1-4 tells of the Day of Pentecost.  The phrase used to describe it is the ‘Coming of the Holy Spirit’ and it is about the experience of the devoted followers gathered there. They began to speak in other ‘tongues’ given to them by Spirit and everyone heard them speak in their own ‘language’.   I’ve gone deep, asking how these words relate profoundly to us now.

I know that ‘different languages for different countries’ applies in very real ways to our own lives. We have different ‘languages’ depending on our world-view, in different areas of our lives, like work, family, friends, or relationships of different kinds. We have a ‘skill’ at ‘translating’. It is natural. We hardly notice it. What if we could learn to translate…and ‘see’ through the eyes of Love?

The crowd’s response in the story is also interesting. Some were amazed and others were perplexed. Others mocked and said ‘They are filled with new wine.’ It’s quite amazing, it seems to me that we’ve all had that kind of experience at times when we try to share things that are important to us with people who may or may not understand. At least I have…

There is another piece of this story that is significant to me. It refers back to an Old Testament prophet named Joel and the story is found in Acts 2:15-19.

“I will pour out My Spirit… Your young…shall see visions. Your old…shall dream dreams. I will show wonders in heaven above. And signs in the earth beneath…’

How does all of this apply to our own lives now? When have we experienced our own ‘Whispers in the Wind’? Could it be, perhaps, part of the downloading of Spirit ‘coming upon us’? Have we heard, paid attention? Or have we ‘blown it off’, even mocked?

What has happened when we have seen visions, or others have told us of their visions? How open have we been to dreaming dreams, even when we are older?

I am remembering in this moment a ‘letter of recommendation’ that was written for me by the principal of the high school where I had been teaching when I applied for seminary. He had watched me working on my doctoral degree, dreaming my dreams. And now he was experiencing my vision that would take me out of the role in which I had worked with him at Oak Park High School.

Dr. Dan Kahler wrote: “There are a lot of people who are day-dreamers. Marj is a do-dreamer.” There was more to what he said, yet it is those two sentences that I remember. They are words that continue to inspire me as I continue to have visions and dream dreams, even now in my 70’s… They still imprint and influence my heart and my mind and tell me that ‘There are Trails to be Blazed…’

How have imprints happened in your life…imprints of seeds that could produce ‘fruit’ for years, even generations to come? Have you recognized that this could be a Mighty Rushing Wind of Spirit, pouring out upon you Visions for things to come?



I invite you to take some time to do your ‘Life Review’, or to glance back over, of the ‘Faces of Love’ in your life. It will be a starting place. You will see the ‘seeds’ that may have been part of your ‘unconscious’ or conscious imprinting, seeds that may have or could have inspired you. They may have come from any of the realms of your life, your ‘different countries’ where perhaps ‘different languages’ were spoken. Maybe you will need to ‘translate’…

You’ll also become aware of ‘seeds’ potentially that weren’t there for you. And in that Awareness you become able to plant them yourself! It is quite “amazing” how this ‘Fire’ of the Living Flame of Love works.

Become the ‘architect sitting at the drawing board of your own mind’ receiving downloads from your Higher Mind, from Spirit. Let the Whispers come to you, like visions and dreams… Scribe what comes, without judgment or discounting, just see what comes and put everything on the page.

Let the Faces of Love from your life inspire you. This may come from people you know, or people you’ve never met! This will include faces and things, like books, not even on your radar perhaps!

Let it include education, career, purpose and possibilities of Shifts as you live the decades of your own life. I invite you to be in the ‘border land’ between the Invisible and the visible, between Timelessness and time.

Let past, present and future become One in the Infinity of Now. See what comes if you open into Prophecy and Revelation, as well as Visions and Dreams…

I invite you to go for 100 years even…and Lineage and Legacy beyond your human lifetime. I think of 100 as the Power of One going into Infinity. What are the Trails to Be Blazed where you could apply passion, purpose and Gifts of Genius that you may not yet know?



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