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There’s a place on the California coast south of Big Sur called Ragged Point. I found it first in the 1980’s and have been drawn to return from time to time. It’s beautiful; the cliffs are steep and rugged as they fall into the sea.

I knew I was feeling compelled to go back after spending a beautiful week in a Silent Meditation Retreat with Adyashanti. It was at Asilomar, near Pacific Grove and the Restless Sea. It is not far north from where the Big Sur coastline starts. In the winter month of November, weather can be unpredictable. It can be stunningly beautiful, or rain and storms can come.

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We headed south on Highway 1 in the mid-afternoon. The sun was shining through occasional white fluffy clouds. Yet, even a third of the way into the distance, we could see the indicators. The clouds were showing shades of darkness. I chose to ignore them, and we forged ahead anyway. “Compelled” is not easily stoppable…

Several hours later, we had driven very slowly through dense fog, heavy rain and occasional rockslides. It was a trip with none of the beautiful views available in the grey overcast skies and later darkness. We arrived at Ragged Point…very relieved to be there. There was a room available, for one night only.

In the Gift Shop, the next morning, I found a slender book of Love, Poems & Art by Carolyn Mary Kleefeld and David Wayne Dunn. It was called “Kissing Darkness”. I was drawn to pick it up and open it. Titles of poems were equally compelling as I scanned a few passages, felt its exquisite beauty…before making it mine.

Leaving the bookstore we were greeted by hundreds of butterflies, beautiful beyond description. They were headed north on their annual pilgrimage. In the glory of the morning, we also set out to re-trace our drive in the dark, wanting to see the beauty and the majesty of the sheer cliffs rising out of the sea.

My heart yearned to see the Big Sur Mountains dropping into the Vastness of the blue Pacific. I wanted to see clearly what was not visible in the stormy and even treacherous night. I could go back with new eyes, dissolve my memory of the difficult night before.

I remembered the ‘Awe’ of another time, after rain, at Ragged Point. I had witnessed one of the most exquisite double rainbows I’ve ever seen. It was so breath taking that it is still imprinted in my mind and heart.

Sometimes in our lives we have our ragged points, experiences and circumstances that are traversed with great difficulty, sorrow or fear… They can come as surprise, unplanned, ‘out of the blue’. Sometimes it is not totally a surprise…and we forge ahead anyway.

These times can begin with great love, joy and anticipation that can absolutely light up our hearts, ignite our lives with beauty. And even these moments, with the difficulty that ignites pain, the beauty can turn into darkness and unknowing.

Destiny paths will include both light and dark, often both joy and sorrow. And yet, if they are truly paths of Destiny, perceived with the eyes of the Soul, they may be the Source of some of our greatest Gifts of Genius.

And it requires our ‘going through’ the darkness, seeing Beyond the duality of opposites into the Vastness of the Light that is Always Already there, beyond the cycles we are experiencing in time.

The Gifts that Emerge will not be ones we ‘asked for’ necessarily, or anticipated as something we ‘wanted’. Yet, because we have ‘done the journey’, we know in every cell of our being what it takes to traverse the path. We will know how to guide others through. If we say ‘Yes’ to this Call, we will be standing on Holy Ground.

Jesus called it, “You Are the Light of the world.” In eastern spiritual traditions, it has been called ‘The Path of the Bodhisattva.”

We may be mapping territories that have rarely been explored. We cannot expect others to ‘understand it’, or even to understand us. We didn’t even understand it, until it happened. And, even now we still have times when we don’t understand. Somehow though, something in us knows, even feels compelled…

This is not just a ‘knowing’ for ourselves. If we are willing, it is a Knowing that can guide others…if they are willing. I’ve seen it so many times, in my own life and in the lives of others in my ‘unchosen’ role, the role not chosen with my human mind, of spiritual teacher and guide…

I’ve experienced the death of those I’ve deeply loved, including my own son. And have come to know life continues in the Invisible. I now communicate ‘through the veils’ with my Beloved. Most people don’t believe or understand that.

I’ve seen it in people who have yearned for a child and experienced ‘miscarriage’. It happens in the experience of job loss and divorce or devastating financial loss. I think of my beautiful friend, Emily, who has cerebral palsy, which she calls CP. We dialogue together at times about the Shift to another level of CP, Cosmic Perception.

In this Second Stage of our journey of Co-Creation, we are still in the Invisible realms and dimensions not knowable from the levels of the human mind… Understanding with the rational mind is not required and may not be even available to our human selves. We need our Soul Knowing that can go Beyond.


Experience and focus on the Gifts that you can see. Remembering the good times, for example, can take you through darkness. What you focus on grows.

Forgiveness is giving a gift to yourself. It releases you from the ‘victim’ role. We can’t be responsible for how another person chooses. Yet we can be Response Able from the Awareness of our Soul. We can be aware that there are even ‘stages’ in forgiveness. We can be patient with ourselves… Ultimately, I love what A Course in Miracles says: “Forgiveness is knowing there is nothing to forgive.”

Seeing in the ‘Dazzling Darkness’ we can begin to access the Gifts that we are still just recognizing. There are Gifts being given that one day may ignite within us the knowing of how to Guide others through. We may want to let confusion dissolve, and let Vision and Love emerge. We can ask for That…

We can also know that sometimes the ‘reasons’ are beyond our human perceptions. They may relate to expectations that were even unconscious. There may be Soul Assignments of which we are unaware, our own or others. Some of our Soul Assignments may be complete and our human ‘imprints’ keep us ‘hanging on’. From the level of Soul Awareness, it may be time to ‘Let Go and Let God’.

Other Soul Assignments may be awaiting us or others. There may be ‘unfinished business’ that our own soul needs to finish, or that another soul needs to finish. The awareness of ‘Multiple Realities Existing Simultaneously’ and Soul Assignments can dissolve judgment, if we are willing.


I invite you to take a few minutes in the Silence and invite a dialogue to come. It may be between your ‘confused self’ and your Self that Knows. That Self has a Higher Perspective, perhaps over your whole lifetime, perhaps over multiple lifetimes…

It could be a dialogue between yourself, even your confused self, and the Self of another. This has been especially useful, for me, in dealing with the death of my Beloved…when it felt that my ‘whiteboard’ was erased and my heart was broken.

Sometimes our hearts are ‘Broken Open’ for Vaster Soul Assignments that we ‘know not of’. We have not yet experienced the realms, perhaps, where they exist. That may be our next visible or Invisible platform… And it is now the ‘in-between’ time.

Just SCRIBE WHAT COMES, not ‘editing it’, not ‘judging it’… Just let It Reveal Itself…
You can go back later, if you want to… You can even ‘discount it’ later, if you want to. Yet, for these precious moments, just let your Soul Speak…



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