Recognizing the Faces of Love in Your Life

Recognizing the Faces of Love in Your Life

I am preparing for our first intensive.  It is my dream of being able to go higher and deeper into my life’s work.  As I went into the Silence and asked “Where do we begin?” the answer that came from beyond the rational mind was “Explore your spiritual autobiography, recognize the faces of love in your life.”

I’ve been fascinated with spiritual autobiography, my own and others, for many years.  And at one point, I began to realize and deeply study some of the maps of consciousness that I could see had direct application in my own journey.

The codes for recognizing the faces of love in my own life began to take on dazzling clarity.  These codes revealed my unique and deeply personal faces of love, past, present and future, all in the Now, as One.  I could see my own evolution in consciousness simply by recognizing how I experienced the faces of love in different stages of my own life.

What further intrigued me was how some of the faces of love that were so simple and ordinary were foundations, anchors, existing and reweaving love through my entire life.

Sometimes love showed up in strange disguises, and yet as I peeled off the layers of disguise…there it was…love.  Some of the most difficult things had actually catapulted me into new stages and states of consciousness, without my knowing and without my effort.

We have so many thoughts that come from the rational mind, things we’ve ‘learned’ to think and express as love.  And I could see with amazing clarity how I could transcend and include all of it.  Later, I also recognized my ability to transcend and avoid . . . that lead me into whole different realms . . . showed me how I had contributed to my own pain.

And I could see where my ‘center of gravity’ was and is now, as well as what is ‘Always Already.’  It all clearly revealed the ways to go beyond my own perceptions, even though sometimes it took a while.  It was a process of seeing how I make up my own stories with my own mind…and then how I believe it, and see it as ‘real’ in my life and world.

One of the most incredible revelations was related to the surprise of seeing how time and timelessness have interfaced and interwoven.  It gives me new keys to recognize my own soul codes and know the miracles of life, Now, as well as in time sequences of past, present and future.  It shows me the map that is the Revelation of my own cosmic and human love story.  I can simply open to experience and Trust that Love will reveal Itself.  It also clearly shows me how to recognize the blocks to Trust.

The most profound of all, however, was to learn through time in the Silence how to let the Silence speak in the language of Love.  The impetus for this was given to me by a friend, Joel Fotinos, who wrote to me in an email, “Write, write, write!  Pour yourself into your writing, and don’t write for an audience, write your soul.  Put everything on the page.”  Somehow, I knew to do it, maybe because he is a spiritual publisher!  And it revealed to me the sacred practice of “Write Your Soul.”

We will gather together for the first intensive, “Let There Be Light.”  It will be a time of teaching and experiencing.  There will be time in the Silence, and out of this, learning the sacred practice of writing and listening to your soul.  It will be experiential, transcending and including your mind.  You will learn some of the ‘how’ that I have learned through the experiences of my own life, including more than 25 years as a spiritual teacher.  I know it works!  It works, if you work it.

What I know is that this coming into the experience of your own life in beautiful, gentle and conscious ways is the ONLY way to integrate what is beyond your mind yearning to be birthed in you.  There will also be sharing with one another in a way that builds spiritual and soul connections that are natural, safe and comfortable, that feel deep and real.

We will experience, together, how the energy of the “sacred womb” of the setting and the group gathering, is given to you by Grace.  You will be “Falling into Grace” as Adyashanti talks about in his new book.  This Grace will support you in knowing and experiencing your birthing into that which is your Realized Destiny.

And, interestingly, we will experience together, how the ‘Unexpected Surprises’ in our lives can bring new levels of birthing, ‘ready or not!’  New content and new Context is happening.  You will see it as you experience it, and you will recognize the difference!

I invite you into recognizing the faces of Love in your own spiritual autobiography in our first intensive.  We are on an amazing adventure together of waking up!


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