As we move deeper into the Garden, and into the integrating of Faith and Trust, let’s take a moment to really go into the Vastness of ‘dividing the waters above from the waters below’.

What is happening is that we are ‘transcending and including’, going beyond and including all that we are awakening to in the process. In the Void and darkness, before ‘Let There Be Light’, there was the Spirit of God hovering over the waters.

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The ‘waters’ in mystical Knowing symbolize the unconscious. Yet there are two dimensions, above and below.
An Ancient Sacred Knowing includes “As Above, so below.” What does it mean?

There is the Vastness above that is Pure Gold, a Realized State, even though we are still unconscious of it. Carl Jung called it the Golden Shadow. You can google it if you want to know more.

There is also the vastness below, of which we are also often pretty much unaware, although at times it may sort of ‘bite’ us, or surprise us! This includes what we might call ‘lessons’, things our soul has come to earth to learn and perhaps to teach.

Interestingly, for me, it seems that even though some of these gifts or lessons may be hard, they can carry seeds of our soul’s Path of Destiny. Sometimes it is as if somehow, we could be ‘advanced students’ in young bodies, in human bodies. When that happens we may ‘wear’ interesting and difficult disguises. I think of my beautiful friend Emily who has cerebral palsy that I spoke of in “Kissing the Darkness”.

We have to ‘grow up’ in this lifetime…before we are ready sometimes to fully Know our role of “guiding others through”. We come into this lifetime as an infant, then we ‘crawl’, begin to walk…and ultimately learn at more and more complex levels. We seldom will just ‘start out’ going to graduate school and understanding quantum physics. It takes time in this horizontal dimension of living.

The Vastness of the Waters Above and the waters below will bring us potentially to shift into our next ‘platform’. Yet it begins in the invisible. And we’re not there yet, we’re not to the visible yet! First, we will be imprinted and enriched by the way faith and trust work and what the Mystery of our Invisible lineage is giving us.

Let me share with you some of the pieces that I see, as I’ve discovered some of my own Invisible Lineage. And, let me assure you that I know there is still more to come!

Boulder, Colorado was my hometown. It was a container that held the ‘literal’ fundamentalism of my birth family. And Boulder, in its potential ‘collective’ vibration simultaneously, over the years of my life, expanded into a Vastness that now holds such luminous structure as Naropa University, with East meeting West.

It also holds the Field of Integral awareness and the writing/teaching genius of Ken Wilber and people who have been his students. These writings and teachings at one point, interestingly in Walnut Creek California, not Boulder, became guiding Lights in my path. By that time, I was moving into knowing myself as a mystic, something I never would have thought of becoming in my fundamentalist childhood.

Yet the imprints of the significance of the Bible and the teaching stories, the parables, began there…in my childhood in Boulder. It happened through the simple kindergarten-type stories taught by my Great Aunt Lydia. She was a Bible worker, that’s what she called it at least. She mostly taught adults, yet on Sabbath mornings she taught little children, including me. I still have her Bible, written in…by her.

I was imprinted with the stories, in the setting of a room with a sand tray and small chairs for children to sit around it and move these interesting figures about the sand as my Beloved Aunt Lydia put the stories in really simple words. I could feel her love even as she told the stories. It is so simple, so easy for a five or six year old to be intrigued in the wonder. I simply felt the Field of Love all around.

Jesus became my Friend, a loving being that little children could come to. Later, when I was a minister in Walnut Creek, I called Jesus ‘my guru’, while being interviewed by a ‘religion editor’ of the Contra Costa Times, doing a story about me. She said, “That wasn’t what I wanted to hear!” A soft laugh comes as I remember.

Now, Jesus calls me Friend…even as I still learn and know this as part of my Lineage of Love, knowing Jesus as a Way Shower, as well as a Savior…when I transcend and include. I love what this has given me, in my heart, my being, in my emerging Mind.

There is both Darkness and Light, with the Light shimmering on the waters. It is on the Facebook page for Called By Love that has a picture with mountains and the sea. It says “With Dr. Marj Britt and Friends”. Few people know that the Friends reference relates to Jesus saying, ‘You call me Teacher, I call you Friends.’


My imprint of religion comes from a Lineage that goes back to the beginning of the Bible and the first chapter of the first book of Genesis. Lineage is recounted also in the first chapter of the first book of the New Testament, the Gospel according to Matthew. Matthew, a Jew, records the Genealogy of Jesus. Matthew went all the way back, recounting the ‘begot’ multiple times, yearning perhaps for people of Jewish lineage to recognize their own heritage, knowing that Jesus was a Jew.
Yet the Bible also includes stories from the ‘Three Paths of Abraham’ that grew out of Abraham’s lineage of Judaism, Islam and Christianity. This is depicted as part of Site 7, ‘Resting in the Realization’, in the Garden. And it is on my personal Facebook page as a Cover image. It is a symbol of my own lineage transcending and including.

Our lineages can be hundreds, thousands, even millions of years old, depending on what perspective we take, depending on which ‘window’ from we choose to view it. There are so many ways that we can ‘tell our story’, or ‘tell The Story’, The Parable, that we see in our life that may have parallels in others lives.

I remember lines from a hymn that I used to play on the upright piano in the dining room when I was a child. I would sing the words… “Tell me the story of Jesus, write on my heart every word… Tell me the story most precious, sweetest that ever was heard… Tell how the angels sang…as they welcomed His birth.”

What if our story is also a Parable, most precious, sweetest that ever was heard…for those who have the ears to hear it? What if angels sang as they welcomed your birth? This is not about the story being told from the perspective of an ego lost in duality. It is the story, the Parable that can be told from the Awareness of the Soul…

There is hidden treasure, the Pearl of Great Price, in your story. This human and Cosmic exploration seems to be part of my Soul’s Calling, part of my ‘Living My Destiny, Loving My Life and Realizing Legacy’. Is it also part of yours…to find the Hidden Treasure in your own story?

FIND SOMETHING IN YOUR LIFE… that takes you ‘above and below’, that gives you a Glimpse or an Insight into your potential Destiny path, your Soul journey.

It could start in your ‘family of origin’, your birth family. You may see the links to generations before…or even to generations to come. This will include spiritual parents or children, as well as ‘birth parents or children’.

Some of it may have impacted the things you’ve chosen or done in your life, things like education or career, your work or what seems perhaps like a ‘hobby’.


I invite you to write about your Mystery and how it may be guiding you, perhaps in simple ways, helping you, or helping others, or even the world.

What have been the elements of Faith and Trust? Have they gone through stages? Did you know there has been wonderful research on the ‘Stages of Faith’?

Has faith and trust sometimes been shattered in earlier stages, only to be re-born as Radical Faith and Trust in later stages? How has this happened, as you have grown in your knowing and awakened in your Awareness?



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