GIFTS OF GIVING AND RECEIVING, CHRISTMAS LOVE ~ Replay of our Called by Love Institute Worldwide Call 
from December 21, 2016

Did you miss the call or would you like to listen to it again? You can do so by clicking on the arrow below:

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Thank you once more to all who joined us live on the call, and all who will be joining us at your chosen time as you listen to the recording. Saving here for all the beautiful last words of the call sent by AJ:

“The treasure that I received in the box was a realization of the vastness of LOVE.
We are all channels for LOVE and we are given a glimpse of LOVE’s expanse and
a beautiful example of It through all the people who came together and crossed paths
throughout the year of the meditation garden series. There is no container that can hold it
—yet it fills every space —  everywhere, just waiting for our realization. “

                                                                                     AJ Lipscomb

If you missed what “the box” is… listen to the call replay (above) and review the image in the invitation (below) we sent out before the call to find out 😉

To sign up for James Twyman’s Gift for 2017:The Art of Spiritual Peacemaking: simply go to or As James indicated on the call, you can register for this FREE program RIGHT NOW. He will send an email each day beginning on January 1st with a link to the lesson of the day.

We are also looking forward to seeing many of you in person on January 20th for the premiere of the movie (click here for details) and on January 25th, at 10 am PST for our next Worldwide call! Save the dates!!!

The Invitation we had sent for our December 21 call:


Christmas is a time of sharing treasures, gifts of giving and receiving.  It holds memories that are past and to come, all part of Now, always already present.

Called By Love is part of our gift to you, holding the energy of new birth and transformation.  It is part of the Christ child being born in the manger of our own hearts.  We invite you to join us in our Christmas time together.  We are so looking forward to our Called by Love Institute Worldwide Call this Wednesday, December 21 at 10 am PDT. (REPLAY AVAILABLE ABOVE).

As you might know, all the Called by Love Institute events and calls have been offered on a Love Donation basis throughout the year as we are exploring the sustainability of a 100% love donation model.

If you would like to share your gratitude with a year-end tax-deductible donation, and take part in the paradigm based on the spirit of love moving all energy and money, there is still time to do so.  Simply go to:

Participants on our worldwide call tomorrow will include CAROLINE BUSH, who gave the gift of co-leading our December live intensive, ‘We Are the Light of the World’.  And, a SPECIAL guest on the call will be JAMES TWYMAN, one of the beautiful presenters on, which was part of the birth of the worldwide campus of consciousness of Called By Love.

There will be an invitation to be part of the premier viewing of his latest movie on January 20.  It is based on the Twelve Powers, all of which are woven into the Stages of Co-Creation found in Marj’s forthcoming book, ‘Your Soul’s Invisible Codes’. And, Marj is in the movie!  James will also talk a bit about his offering for next year, the “Art of Spiritual Peacemaking”.

And, YOU…will bring your gift of participation, sharing your own gratitude, Christmas memories and visions, as we gather together for our December worldwide call.  We will bring our unique gifts of Love and Joy for one another.

Treasure Box

This special little precious treasure box was part of our last intensive
in Tustin, join us on the call tomorrow to learn about it 😉 
With our deep Love & Gratitude, always.
Marj, Fabienne and our Called by Love Ambassadors Worldwide!

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