CODE 7: REALIZATION AND RETURN ~ Last Video in the Codes of Co-Creation SERIES with Dr. Marj Britt

We’ve come to the last of the seven videos in this series and I am feeling deep gratitude for the experience of letting the words reveal themselves in describing our journey through the Soul’s Codes.In scripture, upon which the garden and the codes of co-creation are based, there are seven days of creation.  The first six days are in the first chapter of Genesis; the seventh day is found in the second chapter of Genesis.

In the meditation garden, the seventh site is Resting in the Realization.
An eighth and separate site is about Coming Back into the Marketplace with Gift Bestowing Hands. Jesus called it ‘You are the Light of the world’.

relating to Chapters 36-40 in the book
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Our human awareness and our Soul Awareness co-create and dance through all of the stages of our lives.  This integration involves transcending and including.  Synergy fills the process as we see through the Awareness of the Soul, seeing through the eyes of Love.  It heals not only our own lives, it heals the world.

I’ve discovered another amazing dimension of this in my own life.  The experience of ‘from glory to glory’ has dissolved into a beautiful dimension of Simplicity that includes all of the colors of the rainbow.  The darkness becomes dazzling, even through there have been, still for me, experiences of grief and sorrow.  Somehow it seems like jewels in the breastplate of love.

Timelessness and time have somehow become One, simply multiple realities existing simultaneously.  It includes all of the gifts we’ve lived, yet it is held in a Vastness of vision, seen and unseen, where miracles are natural if we are aligned in the realm of this Field of Love.

As we Ask in this consciousness, we receive the Field that It gives.  We live, align, move, breathe and express the vibrations of Love and Light.  Human will seems to dissolve as we live in Willingness, surrendering into That which is greater than, yet includes our individual selves.

Ultimately, for me, this Path of Oneness is not one that I can always see with my human eyes.  Yet we can feel It in our hearts.  We can feel ‘pivot points’ as we align with ways to connect, heart to heart and soul-to-soul.

With this email, we conclude our Seven Codes of Co-Creation Video Series and we sincerely thank those who communicated how much the videos meant to you. Many thanks also to our video producer: Darrell Holdaway; our musical composer: Jonathan Beaudette, and our photographer: Karina Rindt. The music in all the videos were courtesy of Jonathan Beaudette from his album “Elysium”. And we thank Unity of Tustin where the gardens exist in the physical.

We are looking forward to our next Called By Love Insitute Worldwide Call on Wednesday, December 20th at 10 am PDT. Save the date and time in your calendar. We will send the official invite for it as a reminder the day before.

With Deep Love and Gratitude,


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