Code 6: The MYSTICAL MARRIAGE of LOVE and WISDOM ~ Sixth Video in the Codes of Co-Creation SERIES with Dr. Marj Britt


I found myself deeply moved as I listened and then re-listened to this video before writing something to introduce it to you…  This is the Field of Love, a living energy, in which I now find myself so much of the time.Of all of the videos, this one resonates so deeply as the Voice of my soul.

Do you have those places in your life where your heart feels its deepest levels of love?  Does it include time and timelessness and the moments in-between?

Now it feels like so much dissolve happened that opened into this Vastness of the mystery of Mystical Union.  And I know that it totally rewired my human mind.  It is a servant now to a heart that knows the Way of Stillness that can include action.

The realms of multiple realities existing simultaneously have become ordinary.  Old stories are seen with new eyes as they dissolve into the new story emerging.  I’m wondering, has it been that way for you also?  Is this part of the healing of our lives and of the world?

What feels very real is that we become Way-showers of new paradigms.  I know the moments of eclipse, light to dark and dark to light.  I’m not as clear about the points of choice, sometimes it seems more like choice-less choice.  There is paradox here.

And, the yearning and wanting of a heart broken open has taken me into the Vaster and still invisible platforms with glimpses of the ‘yet to come’.  Has it shifted your center of gravity, changing your life, like it has mine?  Has it taken you toward things that you may not even have dreamed of?

relating to Chapters 31-35 in the book

I look forward to reading some of your comments after you watch the video.  Or perhaps it will be your sharing on an upcoming worldwide call.  Can we even find the words?

This soul story is the new story that is emerging…  I am living it and breathing it.  Yet it feels more like dissolving into a field of love that is without definition.  Could it be that we become One, perhaps, as we breathe it beyond words?

You will receive the last video of our series (Code 7) by email 10 days from now on Sunday, December 10th.  Then our December Called by Love Institute Worldwide Call will be 10 days later on Wednesday, December 20th at 10 am PDT.

Please know that we have been deeply touched by all the manifestations of your generous and precious support on #GivingTuesday earlier this week. We will be sharing the details after receiving the official report from Facebook with the details and confirmations of the matched gifts. THANK YOU SO MUCH for letting us know that the continuation of Called By Love Institute is important to you! It means so much to us.

With Deep Love and Gratitude,


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