Code 3: Inspiration and Divine Imagination ~ with Dr. Marj Britt

We are now on the third video in the Invisible and Timeless Dimensions.  This one, VIDEO #3 is about INSPIRATION AND DIVINE IMAGINATION. It is the third of the new Seven Codes of Co-Creation VIDEO SERIES.

relating to Chapters 14-18 in Marj’s book

Here we sit at the Drawing Board of Divine Mind, the Divine Architect, and downloads come.  The video includes the three PRACTICES most important to me now.  This video is a bit longer, about 10 minutes, yet it is still just a brief glimpse into part of what each of the Codes is about in my book Your Soul’s Invisible Codes: Unveiling Your Sacred Love Story.

You may want to take creating your own Passion Triangle in the form of a Wedding Invitation very seriously.  You will find more details in the book on pp. 109-111.  This is an invitation to a cosmic wedding with your soul, with the Beloved.  It has had great significance for me.  I treasure mine and have looked at it many times.

I’d love for you to write a comment with awareness of your own story in a way that is uniquely you.
For example, can you feel the Love, the tenderness, and the feeling of knowing, recognizing glimpses of your purpose and destiny? 

After you watch the video, will you PLEASE scroll down to the comment section and write about your EXPERIENCE of the POWER of this Sacred Code of Co-Creation?  It is really important to have your short responses about how you can SEE THE WORK of each of these codes in your life.
In 12 Step Programs it is called HOW IT WORKS!  It is part of Co-Creation.


You likely know by now that we are sending these videos about every 10 days or so.  We chose 10 as a symbol of the Power of One going into Infinity.   So, you will be getting your next video on Friday, November 10th.  I would just LOVE for you to participate all the way through the series.

Are you Knowing this as “Holy Work”, deep soul work?
Your Soul will speak . . . from beyond your rational mind.

With Deep Love and Gratitude,

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Many thanks to our video producer, Darrell Holdaway, associate producer, Fabienne Meuleman, musical composer, Jonathan Beaudette, and photographer, Karina Rindt.
Music Courtesy of Jonathan Beaudette from the Album “Elysium”


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