Code 2: Radical Trust & Faith ~ with Dr. Marj Britt

This is the second of SEVEN VIDEOS, one for each of the Seven Codes of Co-Creation.
Each video is about 6 or 7 minutes long.

After you watch the video, Marj would love for you to write a comment about your EXPERIENCE of the POWER of this Sacred Code of Co-Creation in the comment section on YouTube or below. 

For example, can you see your life like a 1,000 piece puzzle?
Write a comment with a glimpse of your own story in a way that is uniquely you. 

* How has it been for you?
* How do you see your Soul guiding you?
* Have you had ‘glimpses’, some of which you can now recognize as coming from Future Time?
* Can you see Seeds that have been there, planted within you?
* Have you planted some with others?
* Has it been different in some stages of your life from how it is now?
* Has it taken time?
These questions are just to give you ideas, you will find your own responses.
It is part of Knowing in the unknowing. Code 2 also includes ‘Your Unique Gifts of Genius’, but you will have to check that out in the book. Time ran out in the video!

Many thanks to our video producer, Darrell Holdaway, associate producer, Fabienne Meuleman, musical composer, Jonathan Beaudette, and photographer, Karina Rindt.

Music Courtesy of Jonathan Beaudette from the Album “Elysium”

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In the meantime, we are looking forward to reading your comments.

With Deep Love and Gratitude,
Marj and the Called By Love Team


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