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Did you have the chance to listen to the FREE CALL with Terri O’Fallon and Kim Barta on WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 24?
Maybe you missed it?

No problem…  We have received some requests to access the recording and decided to repost the link here for future reference.
Terri O'Fallon and Kim Barta Free Intro Replay
Quick description of STAGES: 
STAGES is a unique human development model created by Terri O’Fallon PhD that has emerged from the research lineage of Jane Loevinger, Suzanne Cook-Greuter and others over the last generation. Influenced by Ken Wilber’s four-quadrant Integral approach, STAGES describes 12 stages of human development in three “tiers,” and their early and late sub-stages, that are grounded in research. STAGES identifies repeating patterns through three tiers that has some statistical substantiation, and it points to the predictability of these patterns repeating yet a fourth time in a new tier. The resulting spectrum of development in STAGES covers the earliest stages of childhood development to the heights of known human development. Course Begins September 28

And, the original message from Marj that we sent prior to the call: 
This is just AMAZING… and coming at the perfect time for you to understand our own LOVE STAGES INVENTORY, that many of you have been part of in the Beta group. 
 “STAGES is the MOST POWERFUL INVENTORY that I’ve ever experienced in three decades of Spiritual Searching, Yearning, Teaching and Living.  As I’ve taken the Deep Dives with it, for the FIRST TIME EVERYTHING came together for me, vividly, in my OWN LIFE, personally and Beyond, transcending and including, concrete, subtle and CAUSAL, AWARENESS of awareness.  

PLEASE REGISTER FOR THIS FREE CALL/REPLAY with Terri O’Fallon and Kim Barta onWEDNESDAY, AUGUST 24, 5:30pmPDT. It really could change your life.  

I’ll also be signing up for the course that will follow the free call, I’ll be there right with you so that we can bring what we learn back into Called By Love and our own work with the Love Stages Inventory. This is coming at the perfect time!”

STAGES is a human development model created by Terri based on her years of research. Influenced by Ken Wilber’s four-quadrant Integral approach, STAGES describes 12 stages of human development, in three “tiers,” with a reiterating pattern in each tier. Intrigued by the possibilities of her findings, Terri began teaching STAGES workshops three years ago, along with her brother, Kim, who had been using elements of the model in his psychotherapy practice.

Although STAGES is applicable to many areas of life, they found it especially powerful when applied to psychotherapy and coaching. A key feature is its exquisite precision in determining the developmental stage of the client in the therapeutic moment. STAGES provides a framework and a straightforward method for doing this assessment with remarkable accuracy. The essence of this is what Terri and Kim call the Three Questions. These are three questions the practitioner seeks to understand during the client interaction, the answers to which yield a remarkably precise location of the client’s developmental level at that time.

After doing several in-person workshops for therapists and coaches that were enthusiastically well-received, they decided to create their first online course to bring the STAGES model to a wider audience of therapists and coaches. On Wednesday, August 24 they’re hosting a free live video Intro Session to the course. We invite you to participate and find out how the STAGES model can help enhance your life. Even if you are not a therapist or coach, we believe you will benefit from attending this free session.

Introduction to STAGES for Therapists and Coaches
Precision in Developmental Assessment and Intervention
With Terri O’Fallon PhD and Kim Barta MA
Wednesday, August 24
5:30-7:00pm Pacific / 8:30-10:00pm Eastern
Click here to register for free/access the replay

In this Intro Session you will learn:

  • The three questions that allow you to pinpoint your client’s current level of development with remarkable accuracy
  • The three distinctive and repeating parameters for each level of development that drive psychosocial development
  • How to apply the model to yourself in a therapeutic or coaching context so that you can see your own level, and how that affects the client interaction, more clearly

You will also receive a free PDF, Overview of the STAGES Model, when you register.

If you’re not able to attend live, you can register and get access to a recording of the event that will be available the following day.


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