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Love as Never Before PodCast with Marj, Terri & Kim + Early Bird and Scholarships Updates

Great News:

The early bird price & the scholarship application date for the Love as Never Before Workshop have been extended to January 28.

Also, you now have the opportunity to listen to Terri, Kim and Marj as they discuss the origins of the Love Workshop and specialty Love Inventory, in this episode of the STAGES Backstage PodcastHear Marj talk about how yearning in her life brought her to Stages and finding her ‘place on the map’, feeling it and understanding it and how the miracles can happen in your life also.

On the podcast, Terri, Kim, and Marj discuss their upcoming collaborative workshop at Unity of Orange County, Love as Never Before.

The Love as Never Before workshop brings together the latest research on how love develops throughout our lives. It explores the qualities of love as it grows up through the STAGES of development. We will be asking: How do people engage when they are at a particular developmental level of love?

Marj, Terri & Kim will be the guest speakers at Unity of Orange County on Sunday February 10th, and host a glimpse workshop that afternoon. It will be followed by the full in person workshop that will take place over 4 days starting Feb 11 through Feb 14. 

Participants will explore the steps that can be taken to deepen and heighten loveand come to understand what allows us to hone in and discover the map to make love broader. We will be exploring what is possible when we choose to explore the development of love throughout our lives and the nature of love in every minute way, every expanded potential way.

How is this workshop different?

  • A specialty, developmental workshop on love in all of the areas and stages of your life
  • First time STAGES International has delved into love and partnered with Called By Love Institute
  • Introducing and teaching in depth about the love inventory
  • How does love manifest itself in our lives
  • We hope a community of a shared understanding of love will come out of this workshop
  • Explore unique views that allow us to understand what love is
  • How love is the only term identified that registers at every level, a survival need, a passion and a wonder
Love as Never Before 
A Unique, Groundbreaking, Experiential Event
With Terri O’Fallon PhD, Kim Barta MA and Marj Britt EdD
February 11-14, 2019 (Valentine’s week)
Unity of Orange County
23181 Verdugo Dr, Laguna Hills, CA
Early Bird: Save up to $100 if you register by January 28!
(Scholarships Requests Still Available)


In case you missed the January Called By Love Institute Call,
you can still read Marj’s message and listen to the recording of the call by opening the email at:
In that email, and on the recording call, you can read and hear more from Marj about “HOW IS ‘LOVE AS NEVER BEFORE’ DIFFERENT???” 
So looking forward to being together in February!
Early Bird &Scholarships Requests accepted until January 28!

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