A Message from Marj
including the details for our live worldwide call on Sept. 19th
& talk/workshop on Sunday Sept. 23rd in Laguna Hills

What is Synchronicity anyway?  Webster defines it is the coincidental occurrence of events in widely separated persons or an image of an unexpected event before it happens.  They seem related but are not explained by conventional mechanisms of causality.  The development of this was especially found in the work of Carl Jung.

An important question is:  Do you recognize synchronicities in your life?
They often happen as a surprise, you couldn’t have planned them with your rational mind. They simply ‘show up’, these cosmic moments happening often simultaneously.  I’ve learned to pay attention.  For me, they are simply signs, the language of Spirit, Cosmic Whispers, that are beyond words or rational mind.

Another question is:  Do you act upon them when you receive them?  Do you say ‘yes’ by exploring, discovering, asking questions, letting the potentials reveal themselves to you and the ‘other’ involved?  It has always shown itself to me to be experiential, integrating Spirit, Soul, Mind/Heart and Embodied Presence.  How do you dialogue with these multi-dimensions?

We will be addressing these questions on our Live Worldwide Called By Love Institute call this
Wednesday, TOMORROW, at 10 am PDT:  

Called by Love Institute Worldwide Call
Wednesday, September 19th at 10 am PDT

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The recording will be available after the call at the same link.

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A profound example of this happened recently.  I’ll be sharing with you the ‘how it happened’ perhaps on our worldwide call.  It included ‘mysterious’ calls on iPhones with no message, only a phone number.  It becomes very clear that Spirit is much more ‘tech savvy’ than I am!  It is clear that Oneness is operating, without any idea of my knowing how.  It involved an invitation that my human mind didn’t initiate.
For those of you who are in the vicinity of Orange County, I invite you to join us.  For those of you who aren’t, I invite you to simply be in the energy of this Cosmic Whisper and pay attention to the unfolding of what might come!

A lot of ‘cosmic questions’ have been dropping into my awareness.  It is clear that the Energy is wanting to be taken to higher and deeper levels.  What are the differences between the Subtle realms where rational-mind thinking and feeling dominate and the MetAware realms which are still rare in the awakening world?

How have Synchronicity and Cosmic Whispers worked in your life and how are you acting on them?  Or, are you still not knowing?  One thing that is so clear to me is that concepts of separation and competition dissolve, collaboration begins coming from the soul and from Love moving to the foreground.

With Deep Gratitude and Love,


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