On Tuesday morning, I was aware that the first debate of the Democratic candidates for the United States presidential campaign was going to be Live on CNN. Part of my heart connected with past moments in time.

I spoke to John Robinson, one of our Core Team, from the very beginning of Called By Love. “I may put on my old ‘George McGovern’ delegate badge and turn on my NON-digital television and HOPE that I can get it. Although, I’m not sure, Cox cable is switching over to all digital! God, it is hard for me to adapt to all of these ‘post-modern’ changes in parts of my life.” We laughed…

Well, I got it on my computer, not on cable…so there will be a shopping trip for a new television potentially. Our lives are FILLED with past, present and future, all a part of our NOW, ALWAYS ALREADY experience. Our minds and our hearts, even our physical lives move into “An Update is available, Click here to install.”

How many platforms have you had in your life? The Democratic and Republican Conventions will have Platform committees to work on re-writing their Platforms. Have I told you I have a BA and an MA in Political Science? Are you surprised?

What surprises have you ‘not talked about’ that seem to be ‘just part of your past’?

I promised in our third Prelaunch email, ‘Why is it Unique and Different? that I would answer the question about WHY I AM the one to guide you in Knowing Your Life as a Sacred Love Story. And, I said as I described my knowing of WHY, I would guide you in being able to describe “YOUR WHY”.

“It’s a HYBRID KIND OF THING. I think you may recognize yourself…in me.” One of the reasons that I know Why I Am an amazing Guide for this kind of Journey is that I know my own Hybrid kind of life. You also have that Hybrid kind of life. It is part of what makes you Extra-Ordinary. It is also the ‘I AM Source’ of your own Gifts of Genius. And, do you know your ‘I AM’ and my ‘I Am’ are One?

I’m going to use an unusual template to share “Why I Am a potential guide” and then use that as a map to guide you in describing your own Why… I’ve had a ‘Stranger in a Strange Land’ relationship with politics, where my major spanned International Diplomacy, Constitutional Law and Public Administration.

The TEMPLATE MODEL to which I was guided by my CURIOSITY, as well as the need for a memory UPDATE, comes from George McGovern, via Google and Wikipedia… It’s incredible what is available in today’s world of technology!


I’ll use my own life as an example so you can ‘get the idea of How It Works’…

  1. Early years and early education:
    For me, this involves my childhood in Boulder, Colorado, my imprint from my family, the fundamentalist church and private ‘church schools’ that gave me the love of the Bible. Then it was ‘literal’, now it is Mystical Knowing…
  1. Love, marriage and the birth of a child:
    Finding myself in Love’s Emergence…beyond my ‘tribe’; Co-creating a home, seeking a path that would fulfill us…with career potential, as well as creating substance for our lives, giving meaning and purpose…
  1. Later education and early career:
    Returning to school, knowing I wanted to be able to provide, if necessary, a college education for my son; William Jewell College: Major in Political Science, with Education as a ‘back-up’ plan; Two decades of teaching: Social Studies and English, 7th and 8th grade; Sociology and Psychology, 11th and 12th grade, helping create an Alternative School for kids who had a tough time in ‘regular’ school settings; Master’s degree, University of Colorado, Pre-Law intention with a scholarship and then a decision not to go…
  1. Shifts, Changes, The Further Reaches: Divorce and the In-Between Years… Love and yearning, knowing there had to be more; Publishing, Feminist Press, Long Island, New York; Doctoral degree, University of Massachusetts, curriculum, counseling, psychological education; Dissertation on ‘Life Patterns of High Success’     (Breathe…)
  1. Called By God:
    A ‘Voice and Light’ experience, my Call to ministry…
    Unity minister for three decades: Senior minister, Unity of Walnut Creek and Unity of Tustin, a Campus of Consciousness; Unity national leadership, Church Growth & Development and Seminary Board; Passionate, even voracious exploration of Consciousness and the Many Paths to God;
    Co-leading Five-day Silent Meditation Retreats and God Realization
  1. Called By Love:
    Downloads and Inner-Knowing Amidst Outer Change…
    Monthly live intensives on Codes of Co-Creation, shift from a visible platform to the Invisible Platform of the web; Master Teachers who changed my life in dialogue with me on our Telesummit,; which was followed by deep-dive Telecourses and, a worldwide platform with Love Donation non-profit status
  1. The Later years, Legacy and Beyond: After Realization, there is more…
    It has been called ‘Coming Back into the Market Place with Gift Bestowing Hands’. Another spoke of It as “You are the Light of the World”. It comes through you and as you. You live It in the world. This stage is, for me, in Emergence. Glimpses include “A Manifesto of Love”, my forthcoming book, subtitled ‘A Garden Amidst the Flames’, as part of my ‘Living Flame of Love’.


NOW, REVERSE ORDER THESE… Then you will KNOW WHERE THE GOLD IS…   This is the Way that ‘Transcend and Include’ works.   75 years of my own life on one page… There are stories to tell with every line. It will be the same with your life.

This is the Journey of your Soul, seen through the Eyes of the Soul. You’ll notice that there are things that would not be part of any resume… And there are missing pieces that are still left ‘unspoken’, perhaps to be spoken at another time…

Most of all, this is simply part of the exploring of consciousness, the journey that we will move toward potentially…into the Unknowing and Beyond. Another question: CAN YOU ‘SEE CLEARLY’ WHERE THE ‘MONUMENTAL LEAP’ IS?

It is important that you know with at least a bit of confidence that you’ve got a Guide that you can Trust. Only you will determine that… My life will be different from yours. We will learn from each other and also from other Adventurous Souls that will join us on this Sacred Exploration.

Actually you might want to Google ‘George McGovern on Wikipedia’. I invite you to see how TEN CATEGORIES expand into an amazing description of a life fully lived. It includes flying 35 missions over German-occupied Europe with a hazardous emergency landing of his damaged plane and saving his crew. There is losing to Richard Nixon in one of the biggest landslides in American electoral history. It also includes being defeated in a bid for a fourth term in the US Senate.

There will potentially be some ‘hazardous emergency landings’ in your life, as well as loses and defeats. Looking back you may recognize that Visionaries are often ‘ahead of their time’ and they are not necessarily supported by popular ‘vote’. Yet there is something Beyond that. You may be one of those Genius People that Thomas Hübl talks about, coming back from Future Time.

Find your TEN CATEGORIES… You will choose your own…mine are different than George McGovern’s and yours will be also. With times of Stillness supporting you, scribe what comes… You don’t have to share it with anyone… However, you might, as you begin to see how the Universe brings together ‘Co-Creators’ for Cosmic Missions that may, just perhaps, be part of changing the world.

LOVE is a CONVEYOR BELT… We are CALLED BY LOVE in all of the areas of our lives in which we have felt PASSION, YEARNING or LONGING… We will learn about what that means together.

WHAT I KNOW: Some of what you write for your TEN CATEGORIES will be what the Universe, Spirit, ‘The All That Is’, Essence, God, or whatever you call It…that is what will be USED through you, and as you, to change the world, if you are WILLING…   And all it takes is “a little Willingness!”



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