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I continue to be amazed at what comes in dreams. I woke up this morning hearing music in my dream and the words, “I will love you, really love you, until the end of time.”

Sort of remembering the music, like a veiled, nearly hidden memory, I went to look for it. I’ve almost begun to enjoy ‘web exploring’. I’ve learned some of the potentials and gifts of this virtual frontier.

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A video came up, ‘Till the End of Time’, with lyrics by Earl Grant. As I watched it, years of my life dissolved into it, becoming one with the words and the music. The visual of a rainbow had drawn me in… So many times I’ve talked about ‘dancing all of the colors of the rainbow in our lives, in all of their radiance and dazzling beauty’.

The words “At the end of a story, you’ll find its all been told” lead me deeper into my own yearning to know my life, and everyone’s life, as a Sacred Love Story. I feel so deeply the passion and the power of our hidden stories. I felt the deep reality of “Our love has a treasure…and it has a story without any end.”

The visuals of places became alive for me. What looked like the curves of the Big Sur Highway between the mountains and the cliffs of the coastline was a road that has been part of my life. Another scene brought other precious and treasured moments. What is often called “The Loneliest Highway in America”, Nevada’s Route 50, heading west toward the majesty of Lake Tahoe, was part of my lived Love Story.

What was this dream, so filled with symbols that held such deep meaning for me? Would I be willing to be an Explorer of symbols given even beyond the music and words? If I had failed to explore, as I sometimes do and just ‘blow it off’, I would not have found this rainbow with all of its unfolding beauty and heart connections.

Was this a beautiful and very personal birthday gift for me, simply filled with Love and life moments we had shared, coming from my Beloved through the veils? Was it also part of a vaster Dream of Love?

Is it another rendition of Liebestraum, that I have played so often on the harp and loved so much when I was in my teens? Had it ‘shown up’ again in a taxi ride in Paris, going from the hotel to the train station, when the driver had the radio on and the music playing was Liebestraum? Was it ‘by accident’ that it was on the piano concert program at an old church in Paris when returning there from Chartres Cathedral a week later?

How did it happen that Michaela, from Vienna, sent me a video of a harpist playing Liebestram with a birthday wish? Of course, it was related to knowing that Liebestram, Dream of Love, has been the theme song for all of the worldwide calls that we’ve done, first weekly, now monthly, with Was there more?

Is this a Cosmic Imprint, scribed on my heart, just as I had originally scribed the music with pen and ink for the harp rendition of Liebestram, copying it, because it was ‘out of print’? Are we ‘carriers’ of these Destiny imprints in the same way that we have genetic imprints of DNA?

The Mystery continues to play its music, if we are willing to hear it and move toward its Revelations. I somehow knew it was giving Itself, that it was to become part of this blog post that was waiting to be written, that was part of a chapter of a book that I am writing. Previous attempts to write had not come easily, now It was flowing, if I was willing to write down the words!

Was it also part of a vaster Dream of Love? Did it only ‘just happen’ that a friend of more than four decades, with whom I had rarely talked, called while all of this was unfolding? Her former husband and my Beloved Friend had passed through the veils recently. I had called her after she had returned from the Celebration of his life. She called to tell me that he had come to her in a dream… We talked about it.

What is this Mystery that comes when it can by-pass our rational mind, as we sleep, to bring us messages from our, or another’s, soul? And, could our dreams be inter-related, part of the One Mind that Knows the All That Is, that knows the Radiance, the Majesty and the Essence of Forever Love?



Are there curving roads between mountains and ocean cliffs that you have traveled, are traveling or will travel? Have you lived “The Loneliest Highway” that lead to one of the deepest lakes ever known, Lake Tahoe, that is atop a mountain?

Can you recognize all of the parts of your dreams as part of your own Sacred Love Story, linking ordinary and extra-ordinary lives in Cosmic wonder?

I invite you to RECORD a dream, especially dreams that seem significant. Or RECALL some, even fragments are holographic and contain all of the parts of the whole. EXPLORE them…

A fragment, even of music, as it began for me, can lead you into immense beauty, wonder and SOUL REVELATIONS. What is your soul telling you? Are you open to Write Your Soul?



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  1. Pam louise

    Marj, This is so beautiful. The way you share and include all that are listening is the most genuine gift you can give. As I light my candle of hope this morning I ask God the Lord of my life to take away the kinks in my neck that still keeps me from feeling all that I can be. With love,

  2. Marj Britt

    Beloved Pam, what you wrote inspires me. Thank you so much… What I know about you is that YOU are that Light, that candle shining the Light, when there is the ‘appearance’ of darkness. Know that when we feel the ‘kinks’ in our lives, these are only moments for us to center, align with our Realization of the Light Within, and to let that Light guide us to the next moment where we can be Light in the darkness. It is a profound assignment and a very sacred one! Much love to you…

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