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The Spirit of God has been hovering over the waters. And now, if we are open, have done the Invisible work of Awareness, and if we are willing, Glimpses of our Soul will be accessible for us to experience.

They will still be veiled, like ‘seeing in a mirror darkly’, perhaps. Yet we can feel them and somehow know when we are aligned with them. There is a resonance that we tune into, we feel it in our hearts. It is assuring and comforting. It feels ‘safe’, we know we are being guided and cared for, even when it feels demanding.

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Our soul is our connection to the Infinite, the Essence of the All That Is. It doesn’t care what we call it. That will depend on our human imprinting and knowing. We can call it Spirit, God, Essence or Higher Power. We can call it Beloved or ‘George’ or any other name. It simply Is… And It Loves us. It is a Love without an opposite.

I experience this in what I call ‘Vertical Awareness’ that is Timeless with multiple realities existing simultaneously. These multiple realities are in the horizontal dimensions of time, as well as in the Vertical. It has the dimensions of a ‘cross’, the horizontal lines can move higher or lower on the vertical dimension, sort of like an axis. (Now I’m wondering…what does axis mean? I look it up…not really sure.)

An artist once created a representation of this for a Palm Sunday event. It was created out of palm leaves to show ‘how it works’. People were given their own palm leaves so they could make their own ‘moving’ example. I still have the ‘paper sample’ made for me. I found it utterly fascinating, and even playful…like for a child. Sometimes we need simple and playful ways to learn, at least I do!

Do you ever have these kind of ‘wondering’ experiences? Like ‘it is way too complex to understand’. It’s because it is…with our human minds. And I don’t need to read and understand a complex script before I experience the movie. And there are all kinds of movies… I don’t need to know how to compose a song before I sing one.

There are romances, love stories and songs, which I love, even when they have elements of sadness or tears. I don’t like movies with a lot of violence. Comedy is good, laughter gives me a natural feeling of joy, unless it is dark, then sometimes I don’t like it. We all have our preferences. They exist for me in life in similar ways… We all have our ‘patterns’. I pay attention to patterns. Do you?

Another way I experience ‘Glimpses of my Soul’ is in the form of a Triangle. At the top of my upright triangle is the word Love. I feel it in my heart, Always Already. If I’m tuned in, it gives me Passion in every area of my life. It is my Code word for my ‘True North’, a compass to guide me. It goes into the Highest Vertical reaches.

The horizontal lines at the base are a structural necessity for pyramids to stand in their tallness, as they reach for the sky. On the left side are my ‘Gifts of Genius’. I know they come from Spirit and Soul, as Source. Consciousness is my total focus.

On the right side of this horizontal base is Commitment. It is sort of a ‘contract’ with my soul about ‘doing the work’, letting my soul Awaken in the on-going process within my own being. I’ve found important tools over the years that have helped me begin to understand things that seemed to be ‘not understandable’, some things that felt painful, hard or difficult.   It looks a bit like this…


                                  GIFTS OF GENIUS                  COMMITMENT
                                  CONSCIOUSNESS                     ‘RAINBOW’

My tools have included Maps of Consciousness, Spiral Dynamics, as well as the Double Spiral of Thomas Keating. I’ve found the rainbow colors in the Spiral, in Integral and in the chakras useful. The Enneagram has been very important for me. All of these have dimensions of developmental stages, which I value from my studies for my Doctoral degree in Education. Most of all, I ‘live’ the Stillness.

All of this can seem a bit daunting, if you think you have to ‘study’ and learn it all. It can feel like you are so far behind you’ll never ‘get it’ or ‘catch up’. Or, it can seem exciting, if you love learning! It’s different perceptions for different countries!

Then I got it! It’s all Experiential…and we all have experiences. And realizing That, it isn’t hard to learn ‘how it works’, to begin to practice… It’s all just seeing the Rainbow, all of the colors of the rainbow, even the Double Rainbow that I’d seen at Ragged Point. All of the colors are perfect Vibrations of Light.

Knowing that, pieces of complexity begin to tumble like dominos set on end. Tip the first one, just so slightly, and all of the rest go down. The learning is quite delightful, IF you’re ‘into all the complexity’, IF you love the reading and exploration. And IF you’re not…well, for me, it’s not required, even though it might be helpful.

The Rainbow colors are living us…as Vibrations of Light. There are built-in systems for waking us up, helping us grow into the Magnificent beings that already exist as imprints in our lives. We are growing up and waking up, always already.

The complexity dissolves into Simplicity ultimately, moving toward Oneness.
The entry point, for me, is Love.


Moments ago, I walked over to my desk and picked up the “Wedding Place Card” that sits there. It was an ‘experiential’ creative moment in the live intensive we did at Unity of Tustin in the first year of Called By Love.

The intensive was on Your Gifts of Genius. It was Friday evening and all day on Saturday. It included, a lot of dimensions and The Wedding Place Cards were one of them. We had gotten the ‘blank place cards’ at a wedding store.

A card was given to each participant, ‘Glimpses of My Soul’ was written in the lower half of the space on the front.   The upper half of the card was blank, leaving room for your signature, which you could sign after you created your own Triangle inside. (When you finish this, come back and sign your card.)

As I was describing my Triangle, I was looking at the small “Wedding Place Card” that I created. For me, it has become like an invitation to the Sacred Wedding within us. It is the marriage of the Essence of the All That Is, our Highest Self, with our human self. It may be That, for you…

At this point it is still just a Wedding Invitation, a Wedding Place Card, and we are being invited to a Cosmic wedding with the Beloved. That will actually come as we do our journey together in this “Garden Amidst the Flames”, as we ignite and Light the Codes of Co-Creation within our own life.

What is the One Word (or phrase) you Know you live for? What is the word that ignites your life and your Soul? What is your PASSION? This is huge… The word Passion is used in the ‘Week That Changed the World’. Sometimes it is called Holy Week, often it is called Passion Week. My first Sunday at Unity of Tustin in 1993 was on Palm Sunday. This is how significant these imprints can be…

Find One Word (or phrase) that could describe your Gifts of Genius. I know that I have a Gift of Genius for teaching Consciousness. And part of that for me is putting it into ‘Ordinary Language for Ordinary and Extra-Ordinary People’. What is your One Word (or phrase)? In the Gospel of John, Creation is simply described with “In the beginning was the Word”. The Word is the Logos of your Soul

What are the tools of your ‘Gift’, sort of like ‘tools of the trade’? If you don’t know what they are, ask three people who Know you well, who love you and recognize who you truly are. Choose carefully whom you ask. This is not about telling you the weakness you have. It is about finding those Angels in Disguise whom you already know, who really see you…and who can reflect what you may not see clearly back to you, so you can look into their mirror and know it also.

CREATE YOUR OWN ‘WEDDING PLACE CARD’… with your own Triangle, reflecting Spirit, Soul and your physical being, now made visible and imprinted by you, inside.



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