A Cosmic Dialogue with Marj Britt and Jeff Carreira

A Cosmic Dialogue with Marj Britt and Jeff Carreira
Recorded Live on Wednesday July 15th at 10 am Pacific.


A Message & Invitation from Marj
(sent before the call)
The 1st Code in my book and in the Bible for the Story of Creation starts with the words, ‘In the beginning, there was darkness and void on the face of the deep.  And the Spirit of God was hovering over the face of the waters.’  In so many ways now in this time of the pandemic, it feels like there is darkness and void.  I began to feel a yearning to explore it with someone I thought was capable of real deep dives into what all of this means…

Yearning and Asking always goes together for me.  Multiple times the name of a beautiful Spiritual Friend of many years, Jeff Carreira, came into my awareness and appeared in my email in-box.  It was time to connect, I’d thought about it many times over the last few years and hadn’t acted on it.  Have you ever done that?  I signed up for an interview he was doing with Dorothy Walters and sent him an email saying “Let’s connect”.  You now are invited to the next installment of the invitation!

Jeff and I met in the 1990’s, in the early years of my coming to Unity of Tustin as the minister.  There were so many ‘Intersections in Time’, something that I had explored in the presentation of the biographies for www.LivingLovingLegacy.com.  What I see now is that meeting Jeff Carreira was one of those Spirit-directed moments.

Unity of Tustin welcomed Jeff Carreira when he came with Andrew Cohen to do an intensive in those early years.

Later a Cosmic moment happened for Jeff when I was part of a Unity Village invitation and Jeff stepped in to speak one of the days that Andrew couldn’t.  A trip to the ‘Hen House’ grocery store with Michael Ward and me, seemingly insignificant, was part of a deepening recognition of the incredible soul that Jeff Carreira is.

This Cosmic connection continued through other moments in time, including people and settings that were ultimately part of my own evolving Sacred Journey. One example: ‘What is Enlightenment?’ magazine, with which Jeff was involved, became my link to Don Beck and Spiral Dynamics.

Signing up for an early tele-summit created by Brett Thomas and Ewan Townhead called ‘Raising Consciousness Now’ was a re-connection with Jeff Carreira, as well as with Patricia Albere.  They were teaching a segment on the We Space and afterward, I enrolled in some of the online intensives they were doing together.

We are guided, often in ways that we do not plan, yet we experience the attraction, feel the Energy of Spirit leading us, showing us an unfolding path.  People come into our lives; we feel Called to do something…yet we don’t know how.  The next steps reveal themselves; the Vision being directed by a Higher Power is showing us the way.

Most of all, I want this to be a dialogue around what this amazing Journey in Consciousness is, how it has worked in Jeff’s life, as well as in mine.  I want to talk about ‘repeating patterns’ that we’ve noticed, break-outs, break throughs and maybe even break downs.

There are questions that I am really curious about:  What is your heart yearning for now, how is a Vision emerging that is Beyond what you may even be able to imagine?  Do you just get glimpses and then the details reveal themselves later?
How have you dealt with heartbreaks, maybe in significant relationships or settings?  Why do I wonder about that?  Because I have experienced all of this myself.  Have you?  

Jeff Carreira is a beautiful Light in the profound teachings, retreats and writings that he brings to the world. You’ll love hearing about his wonderful gifts & inspiring story.

I am so looking forward to being with you on Wednesday.

Deep Love and Gratitude,


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