In the Name of Love: Called by Love Ambassadors Welcome Call Replay!

Unable to share a new blog post from Marj this week, we decided to take the opportunity to post the recording of last week “Called by Love Institute Welcome Call” instead. Therefore it will remain available here to share with your friends and loved ones!  Although it was recorded on iHeartOC Giving Day, most questions and answers can be listened to at any time…  including the I AM Meditation from Marj and learning about “Write your Soul”!


Called by Love Institute Special Call
For All Existing and New Called by Love Ambassadors
(recorded live on #iHeartOC Giving Day on Wed. April 27, 2016)

Click on the arrow above to hear the replay

It is a dialogue between Dr. Marj Britt (founder), Fabienne Meuleman (Executive Director),
Melanie Davis (our Virtual Assistant, Angel of Technology and +)
and various of our Called by Love Ambassadors, and includes:

  • What does it mean to be Called by Love?
  • What is Called by Love Institute? How did it start? What is the mission?
  • Can Love really transform the world?
  • What can you do to participate if you feel Called by Love yourself?
  • Marj’s “I AM” Meditation & “Write your Soul” Invitation
  • Where are the Called by Love Ambassadors in the world?
  • Why Giving and Receiving is important?
  • Celebration of iHeartOC and any practical questions that day
  • Questions and Shares from the participants

A Message from Marj after the call:

“One of the things that was very powerful for me was when we talked about the spiritual promises and instructions on giving.

A favorite is: “Put me to the test, see if I will not pour out upon you blessings upon blessings.” And when I mentioned the Promise of the Gifts of the Spirit that are given, Charles from Texas sent a web message and recounted them:

“Your mention of the gifts of the Spirit, love, joy, peace, long suffering, gentleness, goodness, and faith are certainly described in Donald and Joyce’s story. Thank you for mentioning that.” ~ Charles

Thank you Charles! Your consciousness is a Gift in my life. We give gifts to each other…”

With our deepest Gratitude to all for your Love
and your Generosity and support on iHeartOC Giving Day
and in so many ways!


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