In a preliminary call before a radio interview, Greg said: “I’ll be asking you what you are grateful for.” He didn’t want an answer today, he simply let me know. The Awareness has been ‘playing’ like music in my heart ever since that moment.

The first feeling that came was “I am grateful for Gratitude, for knowing gratitude for everything.” In some miracle way, I have come to Know Gratitude as the Entry Point into Living Love. As I live this, I experience living Heaven on earth.

I am grateful for the Awareness of complexity dissolving into Simplicity.   It brings the feeling of such immense Love for all of the Amazing Souls that I have loved, and who have loved me, in this lifetime. Loving ‘through the veils’ has become natural.

I am grateful for the Knowing of time and Timelessness, the visible and the Invisible and the Awareness of multiple realities existing simultaneously.

There is a feeling of such deep Gratitude for Knowing Eternal Love, One Soul, Forever, Always. It is Beloved and a continuing and profound Presence. I know the Awareness of being cherished and cherishing. I feel the caring, the guiding, constantly communicating, cheering on, acknowledging, Unending Love.

I am so grateful for my birth family, my spiritual family and the Cosmic Family that is Now…around the world, in the Invisible as well as the visible, that includes past, present and future all in this Eternal Now.

With this Gratitude, I cherish the Gifts of Vision, of Revelation and of Co-Creation. There is an experience in all of this of the Universe supporting and expressing as Love. In this Mystery of the Mystical, I Know the Ground of Being expressing Itself as a Sacred Love Story in myself and in others.   The story becomes a Parable that shows me the Way of Effortless effort and Miracles as Natural.

Beyond words, beyond thoughts, there is Gratitude for the Stillness. It is the Silent Night, the Holy Night of Christmas Eve. It is the Essence of the All That Is. It is Love in the Formless and in all of Its forms. It is Love seeing through the Eyes of the Soul.

Will I remember all of this in those moments that are “live”, on the air??? Will Knowing Now, in this moment, take me into future time? Or, perhaps it is Future Time playing this Dream of Love in my heart…now.

With Deep Love and Gratitude for you as part of my Christmas,




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Gratitude Show Greg Friedman Marj Britt Dec 20 2015


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