Written & Spoken by Dr Marj Britt:

I thought I had the schedule ‘planned’ clear through the end of the year for my blog posts… I had even sent it to our wonderful team, they had ‘put it up’ on the calendar. It looked like ‘it was written in stone’…

Have you ever had this experience in your life? SURPRISE!   SHIFT HAPPENS!

Sometimes it happens because of ‘good things’, like you get a promotion and have to move, or finish something and go on to ‘the next thing’ that you are eagerly anticipating.

Sometimes it is because of something that is really hard, like illness, or divorce, an accident, or even the death of someone you deeply loved. You sometimes feel like you go into a ‘void’, a ‘blank spot’. Everything gets sort of ‘blurry’…

This is part of the SPIRAL, part of the MANY COLORS, part of the CYCLES OF TIME and part of what I simply call “living on the human plane”… CHANGE happens.

WE’VE GOT A GOOD SHIFT HAPPENING! I’m in a very ACCELERATED LEARNING PROCESS. I am going through the shifts from a ‘brick-and-mortar platform’ to my new world of the INVISIBLE platform of the worldwide web. I AM LOVING IT…and I am also still learning things…every single day!

All of the Learning is really GOOD for me. Even when I’m ‘searching’, even if I am my 70’s with a whole lot of amazing life experience and a lot of credentials, even a doctoral degree in curriculum and experiential learning! Our learning and WHERE IT LEADS US TOGETHER never stops. It keeps spiraling HIGHER AND DEEPER…


Right now…in this moment of time…we are in an extremely important LAUNCH of ‘YOUR LIFE AS A SACRED LOVE STORY’. It needs to be at the forefront of our gaze, where we put all of our attention. What could be more important then that?

Who you are, what your Love Story is, and realizing how your Love Story is Sacred, that is one of the most important things that you could ever ‘get’ in your life!

It could change everything, the way you understand ‘Why?’ even… It could give you the KEY to your genius and how your FUTURE SELF is yearning to give it to you NOW. This is too important… I don’t want to ‘split’ attention in any way that would divert you from ‘getting it’!

HERE IS THE CHANGE…Our schedule of dates will change to REFLECT THE PRIORITY. I will share in my BLOG POSTS the amazing PROCESS OF CREATION happening right now…in my life, your life and in our CO-CREATING together…

And you can still read, listen to and comment on the first parts of the MANIFESTO OF LOVE that have been part of our beginning! Here are the direct links:

WELCOME ABOARD this rapidly moving SHIFT into the VASTNESS! I’m trying to think of the SYMBOL that could represent how it feels in our life…

Is it like Japan’s ‘High Speed Bullet Train’? Or could it even be like a rocket launch for a communication satellite, or even a Moon Launch of a space capsule going on a trajectory toward the moon, with many in-course corrections from Houston? Will it be a ‘Shooting Star’ or a ‘Nova, a star showing a large increase in brightness’?

THIS IS THE WAY THE SPIRAL WORKS! We are taken HIGHER AND DEEPER… We go into Vastness we couldn’t have even imagined, even months, certainly years ago. Our ‘minds’ weren’t ‘wired’ for it YET…

As we go Higher, the Light shines on things that are Deeper…in our unconscious, parts of our shadow, learning from the realms of duality, including loss.   It is a Double Spiral. Each Shift to a Higher realm of the Spiral ‘shines the Light’ on a ‘deeper’, hidden realm…perhaps of pain, perhaps of potential…

This Amazing Process of GRACE also includes our Golden Shadow, our Real Self… the GENIUS that our Soul yearns to give us from what we see as FUTURE TIME, what our Soul KNOWS as Timelessness…

There is so much more for us to LEARN together… Have you noticed that this message is reflecting ‘my learning’ from you??? There is some DIRECT RESPONSE in my words to the “Other top questions, wants and desires” that I asked you about in the SURVEY, which so many of you filled out. Your RESPONSES are becoming part of our PROCESS OF CO-CREATION…

What will be so important is our continuing communication. ‘HOW DO WE DO IT’ ON THE INVISIBLE PLATFORM???  We are doing it with COMMENTS, LIKES, QUESTIONS, even the DIS-LIKES, that so many of us dislike, will be information!

We will also be that NOVA, A STAR with a LARGE INCREASE IN BRIGHTNESS… We will let that Brightness Shine in all of our relationships. We will do it when we INVITE OUR FRIENDS, or when we SHARE WITH FRIENDS

This is actually a very sacred part of ‘OUR LIFE AS A SACRED LOVE STORY’… You may have noticed, the ‘Your’ or ‘My’ changes to OUR… We have entered what some have called the ‘WE-SPACE’ which is leading us into the ONENESS that transcends, yet includes our UNIQUE SELVES. This is a very Holy Journey that we are on…


With Deep Love and Gratitude,

I invite you to share your Comments below, what touched you, came up for you, insights you had about your own life… This can also relate to anything in this blog or the last email we sent! I am so looking forward to our journey together… I know that, with you participating, it could be very powerful!



  1. Ric Kolibar says

    Life is what happens to you while you’re busy making other plans. ~John Lennon
    Let Shift Happen…

  2. Marj Britt says

    HERE IS ANOTHER PART OF THE TEST! Can you tell that I’m taking my learning curve seriously? I’d REALLY LOVE to have some feedback from you… It’s dear to my heart, just like so many of you are!

  3. ashaunti says

    hi the USA

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