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Where do I begin…to tell the story of a Love that never ends? To give words to our Double-Spiral of Life…where every ending is a new beginning? How does it weave together, all of it, the Joy and the sorrow, the Love and the loss, the Peace and the unknowing that is beyond our understanding?

How do the ‘perfect’ souls simply ‘show up’ in our lives in the ways that our own learning and growing, our dissolving and becoming, can unfold in our pathless path with both choice and Destiny? I’ve come to trust, Radically Trust, the many colors, the multi-dimensions of Love in this love story without end. Timelessness has given me time, it seems, in which to decipher and ‘see’ facets of light and darkness, at least in my own life, that are beyond my understanding. What I know is that there are Codes in the Mystery. And they are Codes, that if we are willing to ‘see’ higher and deeper into our lives, we can begin to understand and Know their Ways. We will all begin to find our own ways of entering the vastness of our unique and individual mysteries that are part of the One. It’s like there are many paths that lead to the mountain top. And when we reach the top, if we are above the clouds, we can look into the Vastness and see that there are many mountain tops.

We will also find moments in time when we recognize that we are, or were, on the path. Points of new beginnings emerge, sometimes out of what has seemed to be darkness. Such a moment occurred in my life…now more than thirty years ago. It came as Surprise, I didn’t plan it. For me, it was when what I’ve come to call “The Codes of Co-Creation” penetrated my very Being.

I knew…that my life had changed. It was like a Flash, a Living Flame of Awareness that was beyond understanding. It took me into the Journey without distance. My body tingled even as my mind dissolved. I somehow knew there was a Territory and there was Mystery. There were veiled ‘clues’ related to this territory that has seldom been seen and only rarely mapped by human minds. Somehow I knew my life’s work would be about this. And the awareness of the details was not there, only a Knowing that was as a Glimpse.

Each of us has our own gifts of such Moments in Time. Sometimes we recognize them, other times we don’t. Sometimes we say ‘Yes’ to the invitation, other times we ignore it, discount it or even run.

Yet these Glimpses are numinous, coming from dimensions beyond our human understanding. If we are willing, we may perhaps come to know them as our Soul’s Calling, our Destiny…calling us to a Greater, Higher and Deeper Plan.

YOU ARE INVITED TO AN ODYSSEY, one in which you participate…where you bring in your own life, your soul’s yearnings, into the journey. In some ways it will be ‘memoir’ seen through the eyes of the soul. In other ways, it may involve Glimpses of Future that exist, Always Already. If you say ‘Yes’, you will participate at whatever level your heart tells you. It will be up to you…

There is a Map that has imprinted Itself in my heart and mind. It has become, for me, an Invisible Guide. It is an Ancient Map, based in ancient scripture, in part. It has been and is sacred in the hearts and minds of millions of people around the world.

There are other parts of maps that have become deeply imprinted in my being. Some of them may weave their way into our unfolding tapestry. You will find your own maps from your own imprints weaving themselves in your experience…

Some of the weavings and wanderings on this unusual Quest will be part of what I’ve come to call Codes of Co-Creation. My deepest desire is that we not get caught in our human minds, that we follow where our Heart leads.

It will be in simple language for ordinary and extra-ordinary people. I don’t know where the path will lead us. I do know some of the points It has taken me in my own life… They will be part of what I align with as we begin…

  1.  Let There Be Light: Recognizing the Faces of Love in Your Life
  2.  Knowing in the Unknowing: Knowing Faith and Radical Trust in your own Gifts of Genius
  3.  Glimpses of the Soul: Downloads from Beyond the Rational Mind, from Creative Imagination and Source
  4.  Timelessness Coming Into Time: Will and Understanding that is Greater than Us, yet We Are Uniquely a part of It
  5.  Where the Two Seas Meet: Knowing the Bridge between human love and Cosmic Soul Love
  6.  Choice or No Choice: Sea Changes, Upheavals, Angels and Sea Monsters
  7.  The Union of Heaven and Earth: Seeing with Vertical Awareness, Love and Wisdom, Multiple Realities Existing Simultaneously
  8.  Resting in the Realization: Love Without an Opposite, Joy and a Peace That passes Understanding
  9.  Embodying Your True Voice: I am That I Am
  10.  Returning to the Market Place with Gift Bestowing Hands: Your Soul’s Plan Leads and Guides


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  1. Michaela

    O Marj, this is so inspirational, as well as encouraging, to hear your words and experience your voice, to listen and to see, and most of all feel understood as I understand, on this exploration beyond all knowing and all reason. What a journey this is and I am it !
    With Love from Vienna…

    1. Fabienne Meuleman

      Thank you Michaela!!! So beautiful to have you (from Austria) and Kerry (from Australia) being the first 2 to comment on our new website. We have missed hearing you, and, are looking forward to hearing you again on our live calls restarting soon. In the meantime, we are loving reading you here as you explore the new website. Thanks for all your support from Europe. Much appreciated and so welcomed!!! With Love and deep Gratitude!

    2. Marj

      I am just realizing that the Voice carries a vibration… I hadn’t even thought of that with my human mind. I’m experiencing Joy as I speak these words. It makes it so clear to me that the Infinite includes Love, past, present and future. Our lives as a Love Story really is beginning to come alive in the speaking of it. Yes! Beyond all knowing and all reason. I am Loving that we are in this journey together! I’ve seen That from the very beginning…

      1. Kierra

        One thing that I always cherishe is the vibration through others. And indeed you Marj. Yes voice carries vibration of joy and Love but with most so does your eyes, your heart and being. Much Love on journying! ~K

        1. Marj

          Thank you, Beloved Kierra… How beautiful it is that you have traveled great distance in order to be at one of the in-person intensives for Called by Love. It fills my heart with Joy when I have the great gift of meeting someone face-to-face, looking into their eyes, experiencing the Beauty of One’s Soul… It is the experience of Love, the Love that Rumi speaks of, the Living Flame of Love, the Love that is without an opposite. And it is transmitted, yes even Radiated through the heart. I love the painting and the icons of the Radiant Heart of Jesus. It was also so beautiful to see you at the five-day retreat with Adyashanti at Asilomar… For me, this Energy Field is all One, one tribe! And I loved being with Adya again!

  2. Michaela

    Oh, and I love symbolism of the bicycles on cobblestones….waiting to be taken for a spin 🙂

    1. Fabienne Meuleman

      Sweet…. Interestingly, I remembered a fragment of a dream from this morning involving bicycles yet hadn’t connected it (yet) to the Manifesto of Love. Your comment brought it up. In my dream, I was seeing a couple bicycling uphill. They were both dressed in white (white) business suits. It was a woman on the left and a man on the right (with a child), although it was uphill they looked gracious pedaling, and it didn’t seem too hard. I remember noticing that. People on the sides were communicating with them and the woman was smiling responding to it… Mmhhh… until your comment, I wouldn’t have thought of looking for a connection with the Odyssey we are embarking on here. “Hands on”. With our own efforts making us go forward… In the dream that followed another segment in which the car I am using was parked, and I was looking for it, couldn’t find easily as the parking lot got full for a conference yet when I had parked there was nobody (yet) there. Something to think about… 😉 Holding the intention to “pedal” gracefully 😉 even when uphill… 😉

    2. Marj

      I LOVE your special comment on this! It is going to be like the TOUR DE FRANCE timeless and unlimited WORLDWIDE Campus of Consciousness. Your comment ignited a knowing…that like the Tour de France which started in 1903, held every year (except when to stopped for the two World Wars…its reach beginning and then extending around the globe. With ‘bicycle riders’ from all over the world, you in Austria, Fabienne from Belgium, Vanessa from South Africa, Nicolaas-john from the Netherlands, Kerry from Australia, Elizabeth even a freedom fighter in Africa, Richard from Canada…I am already seeing it, Always Already! Different passages, some the mountaintops, the marketplace, and more. Love the three month time segments with a number of teams, maybe of 10 or more to begin! The stages ‘compound’ with previous stages, different classifications for different teams! I even love the Tour de France giving the rider with the lowest aggregate time the LEAD role in the race…who gets to wear the ‘coveted’ yellow jersey! And how gaining a stage win is highly valued! Wow! You short comment on the symbolism of the bicycles created a DOWNLOAD! I’ve often talked about a bicycle built for two…with me on the back seat, Spirit on the front seat…and me pedaling as fast as I can to keep up the pace! Much love…

  3. Fabienne Meuleman

    Our dear Marj, how beautiful to read and hear you. Thank you! Thank you for sharing with your own voice (literally, as well as metaphorically) to guide those of us who are choosing to say YES to your invitation. The “Manifesto of Love Odyssey” is ON! Embarking with existing and new “Called by Love” adventurers joining in from all over the world. Following the Codes of Co-creation map you will continue to guide us through while inviting us to bring our own unique stories and experiences. Really looking forward to the unfolding. Going higher and deeper. Looking forward to the journey. And bringing to light how all our parables are also weaving together showing the “bigger Story” of all of us, Called by Love, as we are coming together under your guidance and support. Confirming my YES to being an integral part of the “Manifesto of Love Odyssey”! With Love and deep deep gratitude. For the last 2 years, and forward to infinity!

    1. Marj

      How beautiful it is to simply FEEL the Energy of what all of this means and includes! My voice is really a Conversation, like my part of a two-way deep conversation that is possible on the phone, or even in Skype! Each of our lives is a Love Story… My deepest heart’s desire is that we can begin to recognize these moments as Sacred Love Story, the Parable of our Soul, while seeing from the eyes of the Soul. What a gift it is to have this ‘tribe’, this ‘place’ to experience and express it. And, even record it! I also feel such deep gratitude for the last 2 years…and forward to Infinity. Without you, Beloved Fabienne, without the Team that is Called By Love, this would not be happening!

      1. Fabienne Meuleman

        Thank you Beloved Marj. Gratitude indeed for all we have already shared, are sharing…and will continue to share and co-create forward to Infinity! Merci!

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