I happened to see this ‘post’ on Facebook this morning and immediately shared it. “When you come to the edge, the magic begins…” I related to the sea, the towering cliff, the starkness of Mystery and what felt like danger. It was very powerful. That happened even as I recognized the word ‘magic’ and the Light as also familiar. Now other people have shared it also. Do you relate to this as much as I do?

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Even now I feel a New Self arising… Sometimes it feels so wide and unknown that it is disorienting. It feels like there are fewer and fewer people that I can even talk with about it… So, I write. And some of you respond, as Kathy from the east coast, did this morning. Then sometimes, even more awareness comes in feeling the connection! The ‘edges’ and the ‘magic’ somehow seen to go together. I’ve come to trust that…even when it is still in the Invisible.

The magic, for me, happens over and over. It plays “hide and seek” often in all of its textures and flavors. It is part of every Color of the Rainbow, dancing in all of its sensual and passionate ways. What are the colors of ‘those words’ for you?

There is deep purple in the richness of symbols and tradition that calls to my heart, resonates with my soul. I love the color blue, a symbol for me of ‘knowing the way’. Red, for me, is the color of creativity and passion, giving the gift of experiencing the play and preciousness of coloring outside of the lines! It gives me tastes of delight and depth, of the unique and authentic that feels real. It plays with opposites and finds its way to the Synergy that is Beyond.

More colors become like a breastplate, like the Breastplate of the High Priest in ancient scripture, as I experience them in the realms of the heart. The wedding ring that my father gave my mother had rubies on each side of a diamond. Sapphire, amethyst and emerald are included in this heart-knowing of love that is beyond time. Yellow becomes the Gold of the circle without beginning or end.

Listening with the heart brings the awareness of the precious moments, the treasures that are Forever Love. All that is unlike that Love simply dissolves in its purity, its magic and its Mystery.

Moments in time have revealed their own eras, and the propensities and complexities that are part of the human plane, as well as part of a Universe and a story of Spirit, soul and body. It is a rich and beautiful tapestry.

I’ve ‘followed the dots’ and the ‘Points of Light’, which have so profoundly guided me. It didn’t always turn out the way I ‘thought’ it would, although in the unfolding, it always revealed what I would later understand as part of the journey of the soul.

Yet still, I find myself coming at times “to the edge” of my knowing. There are places where it just ‘doesn’t compute’ and I can feel my mind scrambling and even ‘going off-line’. It was a time like that when I wrote “Of Tsunamis, Earthquakes and Womb-houses”, which is still available on these Weekly Dialogues, but you have to go back to an earlier page… Sometimes we have to ‘go back’ and understand in new ways.

Somehow it seems important to ‘record’ some of these passages, which are coming from this ‘awareness of another kind’. It feels like they might be ‘guides’ for others who travel these kinds of passages which can feel strange or even daunting.

I’ve seen double rainbows enough to know they exist, even though they are rare! And my heart knows there are twelve precious gems in the breastplate of Love… Are there colors of the rainbow that my human eyes do not see? Or is it a replicating process, like double rainbows repeating in tiers beyond?

There is a magic and a simplicity now, knowing I Am loving all of it simultaneously, all of the colors of the rainbows in their repeating reiterations, yet each one with greater and more clear Soul Awareness.

So, sometimes I ‘dance purple’ and tradition, rituals and symbols manifest as Love available in all of the stages of my life. Other times I may ‘play’ with the orange brilliance of a sunrise, highlighted with coral. Achievement and success are words I’ve associated with orange magic, yet with the awareness of sunsets to come.

There is a turquoise magic out of which co-creation and collaboration arise. It holds the honoring, tenderness and delight of the We ‘when two or more are gathered…’ in this Field, with the knowing of a Work that is not work. There is a profound beauty of the Beloved embracing the Beloved here.

The indigo and the violet realms give me the immense gift of knowing the Cave of the Heart, the Invisible, as well as past, present and future as One. The comfort and Stillness of its magic hold me in its Vastness.

This week I re-read an old email from a Beloved soul, now in her 90’s. We are having lunch on Monday. She told me in the email written several years ago, “I used to like it better when you told stories. I could always relate them to my life…” I tried to do that in writing about ‘stages of manifestation’ and it wasn’t coming easily.

Maybe it will now… It will be easier seeing it as all the Colors of the Rainbow. And it will be delightful to see the ‘edges’ that have taken me into the magic of new colors!


If you were to see your life as all of the colors of the rainbow, how would you describe the different stages? You could play with decades, or even seven-year cycles of time. I invite you to try it! It has the elements of poetry, art and beauty.



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