We now come to one of the most important parts of this journey without distance. It’s you…and the Unique Gifts that no one has in the same way, just you. It’s the Song of Your Soul that only you can play. It is in Gifts of Genius that you can have Radical Trust and Radical Faith.

You are already playing it at some level of vibration; you may just not be realizing it. It requires your saying ‘Yes’, following the notes of the music that composes its song.

I was fascinated and felt awe when I recently heard Thomas Hubl, an amazing mystical teacher, say that Genius People tap into Future Territory. There are two ways to talk about the future. One is as another point in time, not yet occurring, a horizontal kind of trajectory that has past, present and future in sequence.

Another possibility is to know Vertical Awareness, to know there are multiple realities existing simultaneously. We can connect with our Genius beyond our normal human perception. We open into, go beyond, and bring back fruits from a territory that we don’t ‘know’.

It usually will take development to see with Vertical Awareness. We can only see when we have the ‘eyes to see’, if we have the openness to receive. Until then, it doesn’t exist. Yet we are infused with our Future, it is Always Already Present even though it is beyond our recognition.

Something in me absolutely ‘lights up’ to hear these things. I’ve sensed it, known it and often felt aligned with it for a lot of years. You may have also, at least to some extent. Especially when you hear it put into words, you may recognize it.

I didn’t call it ‘Gifts of Genius’ until a few years ago. It would have felt pretentious. Now it doesn’t… At a time when I was raw enough, vulnerable and open enough, it was part of what Called me. And then showed me the way.

We are born with our unique and different gifts. They are imprinted in our very being, our Soul’s DNA. They are like ‘Starseed Transmissions’ that call us, if we listen to the whispers of our Soul’s Knowing. They show us gifts related to our destiny. They show up in different ways, sort of with disguises perhaps, at different or sometimes repeating times in our lives.

This is a good time to fill in more of the ‘blank spaces’ on your Creation Story, the template you are sketching out in Seven Year Cycles. You may want a Master Page for each cycle, allowing you to add pages following for each theme. It will all depend on how deep you want to dive…

In coming from the Invisible, they often start in simple ways. Our Gifts of Genius have many facets. Let me give you an ordinary example of how this works…

One of my early childhood memories is music. My father had a beautiful tenor voice and loved to sing. “When Irish Eyes Are Smiling” and “Danny Boy” were two of his favorites and, of course, mine. He wanted me to learn to play the piano, and play for him to sing. I started piano lessons when I was 5 years old. You may notice there are multiple imprints here. You have them too, you’ll see them when you look!

The ‘swivel up’ round piano bench that I sat on at the upright piano in the dining room of my childhood home in Boulder, Colorado, now sits in front of the mirror in the master bath of my Southern California home. I still feel the energy of it every morning as I sit to do my hair.

The imprint is part of the music my soul has played through my entire life. I felt the yearning and became a harpist in my teens, playing ‘Liebestraum’, Dream of Love. It became a kind of signature. It played deeply in my soul and now it goes around the world ending dialogues on

There are hundreds of ‘stories’ like this in your 1,000 piece puzzle. The pieces are laid out on the table, upside down. We gradually turn them over, see the colors and shapes, see how they fit together and reveal the amazing picture of the ways our soul is guiding us and helping us create.

Some pieces will have to do with what you are ‘drawn to’, sometimes in mysterious ways. They may involve significant people or events that change your life. Seeds may ultimately grow. The ‘beacon’ of these Gifts of Genius is guiding you. They will ‘light up’ spaces of darkness and guide you to healing. You may recognize them in ways that you felt delight or were nourished. You feel them in your heart.

Symbols or traditions may come into your awareness with a spiritual kind of feeling that may or may not be related to any ‘church’ or ‘God’ experience. It can happen in nature. It will impact choices you make, even significant choices like education or career, as well as deep and different kinds of relationships.

People who ‘know you’, if they really know you, may see your Gifts of Genius more clearly than you do. They can tell you sometimes, if you ask them.

I’ve found my clues and codes in learning, teaching, and facilitating. They are in beauty, family and deep relationships. They are the Beloved…found in treasured moments, cherished memories, in passion and in purpose. Love is my code word. When I recognize it, I know I’m aligned and in the Flow of Love’s Field.

They become Gifts of a Higher and Different Kind. They may be for a purpose greater than for just our personal self. Unique gifts will dance together and often will dance with the gifts of others so they may be offered to the world.


You may have noticed that there is only one rather short story in this segment on ‘Your Unique Gifts of Genius’. Those three short paragraphs, however, could have been turned into two or three pages of creative writing, if you’ve ever done that.

When you write about your own life, it may seem like ‘just a story’. Part of you may have been conditioned not to tell your story, too ego, too personal, too…whatever.

What I want us to Realize is that when we write or speak about our life, our story, from the Field, the State of Pure Love…what happens is that we are ‘seeing’ from an entirely different sphere. It is not ego, it is a Field of which Rumi spoke: ‘There is a Field beyond right and wrong…I will meet you there’.

Our stories hold the potential of becoming Love stories. One of the books that I love the most by Llewellyn Vaughan-Lee, another amazing mystic, is ‘Fragments of a Love Story’. It is his own story written from his pure heart…

About the Called By Love telesummit,, Constance Kellough, the founder of Namaste Publishing, said: “Do not miss the most powerful parables of our time—the new scripture—shared by some of the world’s leading spiritual teachers.” (You can still listen to her dialogue with me, just register, it is still there and is free or with donation, your choice.)

Constance talked about how she had met and ‘helped’ Eckhart Tolle work on and ‘self-publish’ The Power of Now. She said that she and Eckhart often have talked about how they see, in each of their lives, Golden Threads, and at one point they crossed and it changed both of their lives. I call this ‘Intersections in Time’. I write about these, you can click on any name under any picture, it’s after each Bio.

YOUR PRACTICE for this segment of your exploration is to find one of your own Golden Threads. Music was an example of a Golden Thread of mine. There are many more pieces of this treasure, of which I gave you just a glimpse…

Write for at least 10 minutes, maybe more… Just let it come. Put your pen on the blank sheet of paper, let Love show you what It wants to write…

How has it ‘shown up’ over time in your life, perhaps beginning in childhood? Have you had blocks or obstacles that had to melt away? How have you experienced its gifts, as It eventually revealed Itself in your life, perhaps over and over in different, or sometimes strange, ways?

Can you now ‘see’ it with Vertical Awareness? Can you Realize that you may Tap into Future Territory and that you can bring back Gifts from beyond your current human-mind knowing?



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