October 31, 2015   7:10am

There are so many meanings and moments in time when I think about the ‘trimesters’ of my life. They span the spectrum from ‘unknown meaning’ to childbirth and meanings that take me into the Vastness of the Beyond.

The ‘creation story’ of my childhood became the Codes of Co-Creation in this ‘other worldly’ process spanning many years. Out of that came the focus now of there being three trimesters. I am experiencing the feeling of being drawn to diving into ‘Higher and Deeper’ realms, especially the Vastness of the Beyond.

The word “Involution” was introduced into this sacred mystery, for me, when in the first six weeks of seminary, we opened into the Creation story found in the Bible. Not everyone realizes there are two different creation stories. ‘Involution’ is found in the 1st chapter of Genesis. I call this the ‘Descent of Spirit’ in the Old Testament, or sometimes the ‘Descent of the Dove’ in the New Testament.

‘Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden’ comes in the 2nd chapter of Genesis and is very different. It includes what for some is called ‘the fall’. It’s what I call ‘separation from our Knowing of Oneness’. From this 2nd chapter in Genesis clear through to the end of the Bible, the story of Evolution as consciousness unfolds.

The words of my teacher, “This is the Key to everything and we don’t understand it yet” opened my mind into a Heart that seemed to already Know…and say ‘Yes’ to the Mystery that will continue to reveal Itself for the rest of my life and Beyond.

That emergence lead into three decades of teaching the Codes of Co-Creation, which clearly revealed themselves as occurring in three different realms of time, even while occurring simultaneously, Always Already, in the eternal realm of Timelessness.

The three Trimesters include the Awareness of a Mystical Trinity: Spirit, Soul and Body, embodied as you or me in this lifetime. The Oneness of Spirit, Invisible, Cosmic and Transcendent is Always Already Present…even when I don’t realize it, simply because it is Beyond my human understanding.

My Individualized Soul is eternal and It is the Field through which so many of the Glimpses of Purpose and Destiny come. It offers to bring the Imprints of the Soul into my physical being in this lifetime. It knows the lessons and soul assignments that I have come to learn and teach in this lifetime.

Our ‘individualized souls’ are different from each other’s, even while the Spirit within us is One. Our greatest ‘perceived differences’ show up in the physical. We have so many different disguises, some quite delightful, some we could call strange and interesting! It occurs to me that is a bit like Halloween, the day I happen to be writing this! Halloween is actually our ‘rendition’ of ‘All-Hallowed Eve’, coming before All Saints and All Souls Days. It’s fascinating how we ‘re-invent’ things!

In the first Creation Story of Genesis 1, we are taken into the Mysteries of the Invisible. It is stunning to become aware that It begins with “darkness” and is “without form and void”. How many times have we experienced darkness, formlessness and ‘the void’ in our lives?

Each ‘day’ in the sequence of seven days begins with “evening”. The light is called Day and the darkness is called Night. After the first day sequence is described, we find the phrase, “So the evening and the morning were the first day.” And, the words, “So the evening and the morning…” are repeated again for each of the six successive “days”.

The phrase that has emerged for me for these sequences is ‘Codes of Co-Creation’. I used to simply call it Codes of Creation, however I began to profoundly realize that it required a ‘coming together’ into Co-Creation, with Spirit partnering with me in the process! Otherwise, my unconscious mind could easily block the process…

Can you tell that I’ve taken at least 1,000 deep dives into this ancient navigational map of the Cosmos? Can you see the saying of 1,000 is deeply interwoven into my mind and heart as a symbol of the ‘Power of One going into Infinity’?

I interrelate it now with science and the billions of years of evolution in time that, for me, dissolve into Timelessness. The Way of ‘transcend and include’ has dissolved contradictions of faces, places and experiences that I could not understand with my human mind.

Integral and the Spiral, including the Double Spiral going higher and deeper, are part of my Vastness. Every time I emerge into another higher level of Light, that Light seems to shine Its Light on anything left unfinished in a corresponding level of the deeper darkness. It involves mind-blowing experiences, often of integration.

The ‘waters’ of Genesis 1:2 are, for me, the ‘unconscious’. I find it very comforting and calming to Know that Spirit is ‘hovering over the face of the waters’!   What it means, for me, is that there are no accidents in the ways that things happen in my life. Even in my experience of the ‘unbelievable’ or ‘unbearable’ there is a higher plan. I find in another scripture, Romans 8:28, part of what anchors me in this knowing: ‘And we know all things work together for good for those who Love…’

You may be wondering what all this ‘scripture stuff’ is about, feeling like it is ‘not you’ or at least a bit strange to you. It is part of the imprint of my soul. And, if you are willing to go with me into our lives as a sacred love story, I believe that you will find it amazing! Maybe you will, maybe you won’t.

It may, however, require a bit of dialogue, mostly with yourself. I have a scripture, interestingly, that I often go back to when things happen that seem ‘impossible’ to deal with… It requires believing even when I can’t, of my human self, do that with the unbearable. It is a story about a man asking Jesus for his son be healed. The first question is “Do you believe?” The man’s response is so deep, “I believe, help my unbelief…” The story is found in Mark 9:23-24.

I haven’t always been able to just dive into the ‘amazing’. The death of my own son and of my Beloved were both times where my ‘left brain’ went off-line. The knowing of the ‘whiteboard of my life being erased’ was overwhelming. What happened for me was that my ‘right brain’, my creative Mind ‘knew how’ when my mind could not.

What I feel now is that a sort of ‘re-wiring’ of the brain took place in that Void of my life that seemed to dissolve everything. Out of it has come a new story, a Creation Story that is Beyond anything that I could have humanly imagined.

It seems to have ‘prepared the way’ in part, for our potential deep dives together, if you are willing to say ‘Yes’ to the invitation to see ‘Your Life as a Sacred Love Story’.


This may require a loose-leaf notebook where you can scribe, add pages, come back to and add more, review, map and explore new territories.

If you truly take the deep dives, you will be gaining new levels of Seeing and Knowing that you’ve never experienced before. At least that is the way it has been for me…and continues to be. Even this morning, I saw ‘new things’, new ways to say it, in the first chapter of Genesis!

Bring into your mind different times in your life of darkness, of void, and of light.   Just jot them down. You don’t have to write in detail…you may not even want to write now. You may ‘not even want to go there’. Honor that, if that is what comes.

Also notice things that you ‘believe’ or ‘don’t believe’. This might be for a different page in your lose-leaf notebook. Just notice, jot it down… Feel into where the ‘believe’ came from… Did it come from your own heart or from something or someone else? Just be aware. Awareness will ultimately replace your thinking!

Map for yourself, the stages or decades of your own life in these realms of Mystery. I’ve often used seven-year cycles; they link in with the days or stages of co-creation. And seven is a number for completion on the human plane. Twelve is the number for completion on the spiritual plane. I’ve also used decades, or ten year cycles…

Go into the process and see where it leads you… I’m hoping that you will scribe and write…simply because I know that if you do, it could be a Gift for Future Time…



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  1. Sey Jones says

    A few years ago, it dawned on me that my life has been totally controlled by fear. Every decision I made was governed by fear. It determined where I went to college, what were my majors in college , how I raised my children, why I married so young, how I felt about myself, and explains my relationship with my mother. Now, I fear the evil happening worldwide. Visions and thoughts pop into my mind, uninvited. How does my fear feed the evil worldwide and how do I stop the visions? I try to replace the visions with positive statements like “No , that is not the truth, the truth is God is in charge.” How do those, who are doing spiritual work, help elevate the vibration of peaceful energy in the Middle East? Is it possible to raise vibrations so the world events don’t affect , even physically? Fear has been my first trimester! Interestingly, in my retirement, I have done the practices suggested above. The dawning of fear is the result of those practices.

  2. Marj Britt says

    You are in the RIGHT place, Beloved Sey! How perfect that we have made a comment together to walk the path of seeing our Lives as a Sacred Love Story! I’m remembering right now the many times that you and I have SHARED that were INSPIRED by LOVE of the LIGHT…manifesting at that time in our lives as Unity Church of Light! I’m remembering the Joy and the Passion that we felt in the Delight of Co-creating That Field of Consciousness! Sometimes it takes someone else to remind us… Guess that someone else is me right now! And, we’ll be taking the deep dives into the questions that you asked, not just tomorrow…but ongoing. Night (darkness) and Day (light) are part of every single day…until we Rest in the Realization…and we’ll also be talking about what that means. So part of what I want you to do is to look for the THREE TRIMESTERS…divide your life into 33 x 3…and look for BOTH dark and light… Don’t discount any of it…and if you do, I’ll remind you at least of some of the Light during the years I knew you! Much love to you…

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