Do you know what was before “Let There Be Light”? If we don’t, we will be missing a very significant piece, a platform from which all of creation happens. And, if the Codes of Co-Creation REALLY ARE the Key to Everything, well…we need to know the answer to that question. So, where do we begin?

When I use the Bible as my ‘link’, or sometimes as an ‘oracle’, to the Mystery…what I know is there is a State of Being that allows me to enter and to de-code the Mystery. The Silence is one of the ways of accessing that State, there are also others. All of them invite us to align our heart and mind, really align…with That.

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My Way, most often, is to sit in the Silence, feel my heart, let my mind ‘dissolve’ as I breathe slowly and deeply, feel and know it. I listen for the Whispers that ‘drop in’. They begin to ‘download’ from realms Beyond my human mind. I know it comes through the Veils of the Mystery. I call it Mystical Knowing.

If the first chapter of Genesis is a Divine Template, can it become a template for our lives? For me it has been, for more than three decades. Before that, I had never ‘thought of it’ that way. I had never tested it. I had never ‘followed the map’ to ‘invoke the Promises’. And I would love to invite you to join me in the Taste, the ‘sweetness’ of what it offers.

Here are the very important words found in the first chapter of Genesis, the very first book in the Bible:

            “In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth. The earth was without form, and void; and darkness was on the face of the deep. And the Spirit of God was hovering over the face of the waters.”   Genesis 1:1-2

Without form, Void, darkness, Spirit hovering… So many times I had heard or read about the creation story in the first 40 years of my life! How did I miss noticing That? That which was Before the words “Let there be Light”… It always felt to me that it started with “Let there be Light”.

It would have explained so much that I couldn’t understand. Words like VOID and DARKNESS… I didn’t even know or remember they were there. But, I had felt them, I knew them other ways…before my mind knew.

The word ‘shy’ comes when I think of myself as a child. I was a quiet and happy little girl who deeply loved her daddy. Yet I dissolved into that void and darkness at the age of 11, when my daddy died, very unexpectedly, at the age of 39. Has that been part of a cosmic imprint that I would feel unconsciously and sometimes even consciously?

Later, I would know it as feelings of loss that felt like abandonment. Of course, it was not his ‘fault’ that he left or that I felt so alone. And, my ‘auto-responder’ feeling is still, to this day, to disappear, to dissolve in the darkness and the void when I feel a kind of what I call ‘abandonment and loss’.

Was there something more for me to know about this Mystery of the Void? Was it part of my yearning, leading me in a quest that would include religions of the world and spiritual teachers? And then I heard the word, Void, it seemed as if for the first time… It is profoundly Known, beyond words, in Buddhism, this deep Vastness of the Void.

Now the experience of ‘the face of the deep’ is one of the Faces of Love in my life. This journey has taken me so far… Now I know the Void as the Source of all creation.

Heaven and earth, I now know not just in the physical, although I love it in the physical. Gazing into the Cosmic Sky connects me with the Vastness of the Invisible somehow. And I also know heaven and earth as realms within my own consciousness, my own being. I know the connection between Father Sky and Mother Earth. I feel the bridge and the comfort of the Union.

Using capital and small-case letters has become a sort of ‘shorthand’ in trying to write about these different realms. You’ve probably noticed that, even in this early stage of our journey together. I won’t know what to call it when no one knows what ‘shorthand’ was any more…

In my inner awareness, heaven transcends, yet includes earth. My Divine awareness honors my human feelings and understanding. This brings also a Knowing of Multiple Realities existing simultaneously. It has been so comforting, gently holding me, as I have experienced the passing through the veils of my son and of my Beloved. Multiple Realities existing simultaneously… Forever Love is very real when one Knows both realms.

Is this all part of the Gifts of this Amazing Mystery? Translation happens and meaning flows. ‘And the Spirit of Love was hovering over the face of the waters…’ Somehow, in this Unfolding the words God and Love have become synonyms.

            “Then God said, ‘Let there be light’ and there was light. And God saw the light, that it was good; and God divided the light from the darkness. God called the light Day, and the darkness Night. So the evening and the morning were the first day.”   Genesis 1:3-5    

Oh, my God…the Invoking of Light comes AFTER the Void and the Darkness



The Creation Story unfolds with a Template of Seven. For me, this is part of the Mystery. In the ancient scripture, it is called ‘days’. In my deep exploring, I have found miracles of Revelation in looking at this template of Seven Year Cycles

Sketch out a template of Seven Year Cycles in your life. We will come back to it from time to time. You will keep where you can see and refer to it from time to time. You will add things to it as you think of them, as they come back to you.

And so, begin with the years from 0-7. You’ll notice that this includes time in the womb.

0-7                             7-14            14-21

21-28                        28-35           35-42

42-49                         49-56          56-63

63-70                         70-77           77-84

84-91                         91-98           98-Beyond

You’ll notice we are approaching 100…the Power of One going into Infinity!

What you will begin to work with will be these cycles that are inter-related to the Stages of Creation. You will find more Mystery. Within each Stage of each of the seven years is the Code of the Seven Stages. The Microcosm is in the Macrocosm in each of the stages.

Right now, what you are going to do is just create your own template.   Let the Void spaces, the blank spaces, begin to reveal to you their Mysteries. What they will be doing is showing you the relationship in this first Stage of Dark and Light, the Void that comes Before.   They will be showing you the relationship between the darkness and the light, the Void out of which all Creation comes.

To begin with, you will just create the template. What you will find is that the Template will begin revealing Itself, even before we go into some of our dialogues relative to the Seven Stages of Co-Creation.

I am so looking forward to sharing this journey with you.



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