On Saturday this week, I have the great honor of doing a Celebration of Life for Christopher Sexton.  I want to dedicate this Blog Post to him… In the Name of Love.

And, I am deeply touched that Mary Ellen Sexton, Chris’s beloved wife, has chosen Called By Love Institute to be the 501(C)(3) non-profit that would honor Chris and his amazing life, for those who might wish to give a Gift of Love in his name.

There are sometimes people in our lives who are there with potential Cosmic significance.  We may or may not recognize them and it may only become clear to us later as we scan the vast landscape of our lives.

Such a soul, for me, was Chris Sexton.  Chris first came to Unity of Tustin about ten years ago when I was the Senior Minister.  I’ve often referred back to some of those years as “The Glory Years”.  It was an exciting time and Chris Sexton was a natural match for it!

Chris arrived through A Course in Miracles.  And he immediately took deep dives, attending Sunday services regularly and all of the intensives that were happening with people like Jean Houston, Andrew Harvey and John Grey.  He dove into the Enneagram and the advanced course that I taught called Conscious Covenant.

Chris Sexton was an ‘All-In’ kind of guy!  He loved understanding more about himself, as he unveiled the Mysteries of his own life, as well as of the Ageless and Timeless Mystery Beyond.

I did a series on ‘The Power of Now’, a result of Eckhart Tolle having been at Unity in Tustin on that ‘bricks and mortar’ platform before he was famous, teaching The Power of Now when it was still a self-published book.  Living in the NOW moment became one of the deep commitments of Chris…for life.

A lot of people were coming, and Chris was there for them.  There were Gala’s where people shared deeply meaningful moments of their lives.  Chris did it all.  My deep connection continued with Chris in 2011 when he worked with me in incorporating Called By Love.  His response was simple:  “I want to be a part of this”, as we scribed the Vision statements that would become part of legal documents.

Chris Sexton and Marj Britt - Called by Love Signature June 1 2011

Chris with Marj ~ Incorporation of Called by Love on June 1, 2011

The last time I was with Chris was in his final days at Hoag Hospital.  As I stood close to him, I touched his face and shoulders, feeling a deep knowing of his Being and knowing a ‘Peace that Passes Understanding’.  As he looked into my eyes, and I looked into his, he whispered words to me of that Deep Knowing.  I felt his heart still experiencing the Power of Now.

I told him how Called By Love was now going around the world…  It was part of his legacy and it would always be.   His whispers embraced a knowing of a life well lived, as well as the Unknowing of his Soul now unveiling more Mystery.

There is a place for comments below.  I invite you to share your own heart, your memories and your connection with this soul, with Chris, that somehow touched your life.  It could be as simple as knowing that he was the person who was part of creating that ‘stake in the ground’, the legal documents for Called By Love.  Or it could be as beautiful and amazing as being a long time friend, perhaps a friendship spanning many years.

And now, Chris, we wish you many, many blessings, with a deep feeling of Love, a fond Adieu, as you go forward in your continuing journey in the Vastness.  And we also know that you will also be here, with us, in our journeys.  We will be standing on a Bridge, with you, between the visible and the Invisible, and we will be knowing our hearts as one.


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Celebration of Christopher Alan Sexton’s Life:
Saturday, July 9th at 11 a.m.
In the Sanctuary at Unity of Tustin
14402 S. Prospect Ave
Tustin, CA, 92780


We are so touched that Mary Ellen has chosen Called By Love Institute to be the non-profit that would honor Chris and his amazing life, for those who might wish to give a Gift of Love in his name.  Click here to share your Love Donation or click on the Donate button below.

Called by Love Institute is recognized as a non-profit 501(C)(3) making your donations tax deductible.
You can read more about Called by Love Institute and its mission at:
If you have any questions, feel free to send an email to Fabienne at

With our Deep Love & Gratitude as we Celebrate Chris!



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You are invited to share your own heart, your memories and your connection with Chris in the comments section below.


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