I woke up seeing it…spectrums of rainbows. Then I realize they were coming to me all day yesterday. Now it’s clear, it is all spectrums of consciousness. It’s only that I ‘get it’ in smaller pieces that I can ‘sort-of handle’. Even so, I may not notice, I may not put the pieces together.

‘The Spectrum of Consciousness’ came to me in 1988 when I was the minister in Walnut Creek. I gave a series of talks on it, taught classes mid-week, to bring people’s lives into the experience. Ken Wilber’s writing, including Spectrum and ‘No Boundary’, a ‘Readers Digest’ version of Spectrum, was blasting my mind open into a vastness that was bringing together, making sense of, so much of my life.

The macrocosm is in the microcosm, the whole is in the parts. It’s holographic. There are so many ways to say it. A flash of a memory, way before, of seeing a movie called ‘The Power of 10’ comes in… The universe and the galaxies are in every cell of our body.

And so it is with the rainbow in all of its magnificent beauty, visible and invisible, depending on the reflections of light. There is a rainbow, the full spectrum, within every experience, setting, person, including ourselves, within every stage, every moment of our lives.

It is there, still and moving, unconscious and conscious, always… Sometimes we ‘see’ and other times we don’t. Its quite mind blowing to get a glimpse of it, even while realizing you’ve always known it, somehow, in your heart.

Every stage of our lives has all of the colors, all different vibrations of light, seen and unseen. As we grow in awareness the ‘colors’ repeat themselves in different density of vibration, giving us gifts of new perspectives, new perceptions going beyond what was before. It’s like ‘higher octaves’ of the same note!

The amazing thing, for me, is that all of the Good, the True and the Beautiful are there at the Core, always already, in its process of Flowering. Life lessons come and go, emerge and dissolve, as we play our parts in this movie that we think is real.

A dear friend, Betsy, who was a member of the congregation in Walnut Creek, gave me a beautiful crystal as I sat with her as she was in the process of dying. She handed me the crystal and told me it had hung in her window for years. Now she wanted me to have its beauty.

Now, more than two decades later, it still hangs in my window on transparent threads. Yesterday in the late afternoon sun, the spectrum of light was dancing all across the opposite living room wall. It was dazzling, these multiple rainbow spectrums dancing in a gentle breeze.

I was sitting in the living room with three angels in my life. Two of them ‘know’ their angel-ness in my life vividly. One of them is still wondering… One who knows is John Welshons, the author of ‘Awakening From Grief’. The other is beautiful Fabienne. We were laughing about how the Universe had arranged for John to ‘show up’ on my doorstep when I was immersed in grief, not knowing how to transcend and include it.

Our conversation moves through all of the shades of playful and deep. There are Insights of joy, sorrow, delight and confusion that become part of the unfolding dialogue. It is truly an amazing journey in which we have somehow found ourselves…and each other.

All of the colors are there, appearing and dissolving in this sometimes strange and magnificent dance, this moment in time. Suddenly I feel it…this overwhelming Gratitude and a Deep Love that moves through me bringing tears to my eyes. And then a soft smile comes as I stand and walk to the door with John to say ‘Good Bye’ one more time.



Choose a ‘slice of time’ in your life, maybe a day, two or three weeks, perhaps more. See it as part of the dancing colors of the spectrum of the rainbow… I love to find it in the seemingly ordinary moments. Somehow, it will show you…

Sometimes it will come in a dream…and then will be present as you come into waking consciousness. Our dream symbols can give us deep and delightful insight into our unfolding life, even cosmic journey. They will include the Dazzling Darkness, the dark that is filled with invisible light. Spectrums of dark and light are a natural part of the dance of day and night.

How have these Spectrums of Rainbows ‘shown up’ in your life? Don’t try to figure it out with your mind. This is more an experience of Revelation and it is of the heart, of the soul. If you are willing to write, just make that commitment, maybe for ten minutes, maybe for an hour, and see what comes. You won’t know what It has to tell you until you start writing…

How has Awareness revealed Itself over time? How have the glimpses come? How did they weave themselves together, these moments of Insight? Write from your heart, from your soul. Let it come from Beyond your rational mind.

And, see the way that your rational mind will support it, delight in it, and perhaps at times discount or argue with it. When we don’t judge it, we find the play in it.  We are complex and beautiful beings of Light.

Thank you for adding your comments and insights below. 



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